If you're ashamed of crying in public, keep this list handy. These five places are guaranteed to help you get some much-needed emotional relief without the awkward stares. 

Life is tough. And let's face it: Life in D.C. is tough! Washington, D.C., is so stress-inducing that it's known to create spontaneous bursts of tears. 

But if you're ever having an emotional day and find yourself feeling the urge to cry, don't be alarmed. Even with all its flaws, Washington, D.C., is one of the best places to cry because it offers so many great backdrops to a fulfilling crying experience. There are plenty of museums, unique building structures, and statues all over the city to choose from -- just take your pick! 

The National Mall and Capitol Lawn

capitol lawn and national mall

This awkwardly brilliant location is always surrounded by people but provides plenty of space to plop down and allow yourself to just let go. If you plan it right, you won't be close enough for anyone to even notice the tears streaming down your face or the sobs wracking your body. Bask in the beauty of the Capitol building, admire the family having a picnic, and watch that adorable dog playing fetch with his owner. Just sit there on the lawn and remember that life is bigger than your job, your broken relationship, the D.C. traffic, etc., etc. You are guaranteed to feel satisfied once you've let all of your emotion out on the lawn.

U.S. Botanic Garden

botanic garden

Courtesy of The United States Botanic Garden

This location provides a relaxing atmosphere in the midst of plenteous flowers, plants, and foliage. There are several good spots for you to sit and cry comfortably. Some onlookers may think it's strange to see you crying among the plants, but chances are, most will understand. Pro tip: If you wear a floral print, you'll blend right in and it's possible that nobody will even notice you at all. 

The National Museum of Natural History 


This is the perfect place to cry, considering it's a museum about the history of Earth itself. And with the current state of our environment, the display of our history, and all the cultural representations, the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History could be a tearjerker all on its own. Stop by the art piece depicting the trash waste on our beaches, and let the sadness sink in. Or stand in front of a polar bear and let the waterworks go. Whether or not you're actually crying because the polar bears are now on the endangered list and losing their homes to global warming, people will think you are, and that's what's important.

On the Metro 


Courtesy of The Hill

This brilliantly loud method of transportation would allow you to cry in peace. You'll be stuffed into a small train cart with loads of other people, but the noise coming from the tracks will distract from the noise of your loathing while you're on your way to your next destination. Everyone on the train will be too preoccupied thinking about where they need to get off on their stop to think about the fact that the person next to them is bawling their eyes out. 

In Your Car

DC traffic

The traffic is so horrific in the area that you're pretty much guaranteed to start crying from the stress you experience while driving around the city. I know I've certainly ended up pulling over onto the side of the road shaking because I was confused about the road signs, the direction of traffic, and bad drivers in the area. Just get into your car and start driving, and you'll cry so hard from the traffic that you won't remember why you needed to cry in the first place. Perspective, people!

Did we miss an obviously good place to cry in D.C.? We want to know! Leave us a comment below!