7 Washington DC Facts you Probably Never knew

DC is full of history, of course, but would you be able to guess these other random Washington DC facts?

Probably the best of the Washington DC Facts: DC residents drink more wine per capita than people in any other states!

[gallery ids="419,420,422"] Is it that the local wine there is just really really good? Or is it that people are stressed and constantly working hard so they need to unwind? Probably a combo of both..

Underneath the crypt building lies an empty crypt. George Washington was supposed to be buried there.

[gallery ids="424,423"] This is semi-creepy. I wouldn’t want to be down there late at night!

At the Library of Congress, you can find an FBI Interrogation Manual containing top secret information.

[gallery ids="427,428"] If you’re super interested I guess you could try to find this manual, but if it was actually a secret don’t you think it wouldn’t be open to be viewed by the public?

There are hidden subways connecting the Capitol buildings and the senate and house.

[gallery ids="431,429"] Employees only. No matter how important you think you are.

The 7th inning stretch started in Washington DC.

[gallery ids="436,437,438"] You can thank your good city for the excuse to get up and grab another beer at the 7th inning stretch!

On average, DC gets 39 inches of rain per year.

[gallery ids="441,443,442,444"] Sorry Seattle, we actually DO get more rain than you per year.

About 1,000 items are lost on the metro every month.

[gallery ids="451,450,453"] If you think you lost something, you should probably check the metro first.

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