A new study uses acceptance and SAT statistics to figure out which is the hardest dc college to get into.

The California Institute of Technology claims the title of this years most difficult American college to get into, according to data compiled by an academic review website. The study looks at college acceptance rates and standardized test score averages to arrive at a ranking. Some Washington DC schools are notoriously easy to get into. Catholic University, for example, accepts 74% of applicants. But the title of the hardest DC college to get into belongs to Georgetown this year. In the Nationwide rankings, Georgetown comes in as the 28th most difficult school for applicants. In 2016, Georgetown accepted just 17.4% of applicants. The majority of students accepted scored between 1320 and 1520 on their SAT. Students who are lucky enough to be admitted as Georgetown undergraduates will then have the privilege of paying more than $50,000 a year in tuition. Want to see how DC's colleges ranked? Here's the list.

Georgetown University Acceptance Rate: 17.4% Avg SAT Range: 1320-1520 Avg ACT Range: 30-33 George Washington University Acceptance Rate: 43.8% Avg SAT Range: 1200-1390 Avg ACT Range: 27-31 American University Acceptance Rate: 45.8% Avg SAT Range: 1150-1340 Avg ACT Range: 26-30 Howard University Acceptance Rate: 48.4% Avg SAT Range: 990-1220 Avg ACT Range: 21-27 Catholic University of America Acceptance Rate: 73.9% Avg SAT Range: 1020-1230 Avg ACT Range: 22-28 Gallaudet University Acceptance Rate: 65.3% Avg SAT Range: 790-960 Avg ACT Range: 15-20

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