A new study uses acceptance and SAT statistics to figure out which is the hardest Maryland college to get into.

The California Institute of Technology claims the title of this years most difficult American college to get into, according to data compiled by an academic review website Niche. The study weighs college acceptance rates and standardized test score averages to arrive at a composite score measuring how difficult it is for applicants to be accepted. There were 22 Maryland colleges and universities that were considered in the ranking. After all the numbers were crunched, Johns Hopkins University came in as the hardest Maryland college to get into. When compared to schools from around the nation, Johns Hopkins ranked #22 in terms of acceptance difficulty. Only 16.1 percent of Johns Hopkins University's applicants end up getting accepted and the average SAT scores fall between 1360-1510. The lucky few who gain acceptance to this highly selective school will have the privilege of paying $50,410 a year for their undergraduate education. Want to see how the rest of Maryland's colleges and universities measure up? Here is the list ranking the hardest Maryland colleges to get into.

Johns Hopkins University Acceptance Rate: 16.1% Avg SAT Range: 1360-1510 Avg ACT Range: 31-34 United States Naval Academy Acceptance Rate: 7.9% Avg SAT Range: 1180-1390 Avg ACT Range: Not Applicable University of Maryland - College Park Acceptance Rate: 47.9% Avg SAT Range: 1210-1420 Avg ACT Range: Not Applicable University of Maryland - Baltimore County Acceptance Rate: 59.6% Avg SAT Range: 1110-1310 Avg ACT Range: 24-30 Loyola University Maryland Acceptance Rate: 59.6% Avg SAT Range: 1080-1260 Avg ACT Range: 24-29 Washington College Acceptance Rate: 55.7% Avg SAT Range: 1070-1250 Avg ACT Range: 23-27 Salisbury University Acceptance Rate: 54.7% Avg SAT Range: 1070-1230 Avg ACT Range: 22-26 Notre Dame of Maryland University Acceptance Rate: 49.5% Avg SAT Range: 930-1140 Avg ACT Range: 21-28 Maryland Institute College of Art Acceptance Rate: 54.2% Avg SAT Range: 1030-1300 Avg ACT Range: Not Applicable  

Towson University Acceptance Rate: 59.2% Avg SAT Range: 1000-1170 Avg ACT Range: 21-25 St. Mary's College of Maryland Acceptance Rate: 78.9% Avg SAT Range: 1104-1283 Avg ACT Range: 23-28

Washington Adventist University Acceptance Rate: 44.9% Avg SAT Range: 740-940 Avg ACT Range: 15-24

Coppin State University Acceptance Rate: 43.1% Avg SAT Range: 810-950 Avg ACT Range: Not Applicable

Mount St. Mary's University Acceptance Rate: 66.9% Avg SAT Range: 950-1150 Avg ACT Range: 20-24

Stevenson University Acceptance Rate: 62.3% Avg SAT Range: 900-1090 Avg ACT Range: 18-23

Frostburg State University Acceptance Rate: 58.5% Avg SAT Range: 870-1080 Avg ACT Range: 18-21

McDaniel College Acceptance Rate: 76.1% Avg SAT Range: 980-1200 Avg ACT Range: 21-27

Bowie State University Acceptance Rate: 55.1% Avg SAT Range: 810-940 Avg ACT Range: 15-18

Hood College Acceptance Rate: 80.7% Avg SAT Range: 940-1200 Avg ACT Range: 20-25

University of Baltimore Acceptance Rate: 62% Avg SAT Range: 810-1030 Avg ACT Range: Not Applicable

University of Maryland Eastern Shore Acceptance Rate: 61.3% Avg SAT Range: 760-930 Avg ACT Range: 15-19

Morgan State University Acceptance Rate: 65.3% Avg SAT Range: 800-960 Avg ACT Range: 16-19

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