Bicycles for Humanity Colorado has sent more than 10,000 bikes to rural communities in Africa, and that number is continuing to grow. But they need your help.

Bicycles for Humanity Colorado is a nonprofit organization that takes donated bicycles and ships them to Africa. People without reliable transportation systems often don't have enough access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities -- which is where the bicycles come into play. The organization has donated over 10,000 bikes -- to the communities of Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania -- since it first formed in 2007. Its main goal is to "form a bridge of community sharing between the front range of Colorado and healthcare workers serving those in need in Africa," according to its website. [caption id="attachment_35993" align="aligncenter" width="684"]africa Courtesy of Bicycles for Humanity Colorado (Facebook)[/caption]
"A bicycle, one of the simplest transport technologies, is affordable and can be maintained anywhere in the world with minimal tools and spare parts. Yet for the world’s poorest people, living on $1 per day, even bicycles are beyond their reach. Meanwhile, in the western world, we discard thousands of bicycles each year. The math becomes simple and in the hands of a healthcare worker. They can cover four times the ground than on foot. This translates into four times the number of patient visits and four times the number of medication disbursements."
Hundreds of bikes are placed in storage containers which are then shipped to Africa. Once the containers arrive, they're converted into bike shops. [gallery type="rectangular" size="large" ids="35992,35990"] "We operate eight bike shops in Africa, each one is run out of a shipping container ..." Josh Pace, director and president of Bicycles for Humanity Colorado, told 9NEWS. "The thing is stacked from top to bottom -- packed with about 400 bikes, tools, helmets, and spare tires." In order for Bicycles for Humanity Colorado to build that bridge of community, they need donations, whether that be in the forms of money, bikes, tools, or helmets. Every little bit helps, guys. Here's a breakdown of how your money will be spent: $25 -- A Set of Tires | $50 -- 1 Bike | $100 -- 3 Bikes | $250 -- A Set of Bike Tools Or, you can donate a custom amount by clicking HERE. And if you've got a bike that's merely collecting dust in your garage, you can donate that, too! Below are the local bike shops where you can drop off your bike: Golden: Golden Bike Shop Boulder: University Bicycles | Sports Garage | Full Cycle | Boulder Cycle Sport Wheat Ridge: Wheat Ridge Cyclery Littleton: Pedal Watch the video below to see where Bicycles for Humanity Colorado has its bike shops set up and how they're impacting the local communities. We love seeing our local community changing the lives of others, one bike at a time. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and let's get the conversation started.

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