A ruling by the Court system of Maryland has denied the delay of Marijuana licensing, despite a lawsuit against the Maryland Marijuana commission.

Maryland's highest court determined Friday, June. 9 that the State's Medical Marijuana Commission can still issue licenses to companies to grow the Cannabis Sativa plant for medical use. State courts denied the motion that would issue a temporary restraining order against the commission and prevent it from issuing grower licenses for another week. The motion was, perhaps unjustly, enacted as a lawsuit was filed against the commission.  During the final court proceedings, the state court agreed to hear the arguments from soon-to-be license holders whose argument is that their input in the proceeding should be allowed. A hearing date has been set by The Court of Appeals on July 27. The denial of the restraining order is a small victory for the commission as it attempts to initiate medical marijuana into health programs. While growers deserve a fair and equal chance of becoming growers, people should not be without medicine due to the interests of businesses. The Growing Company Alternative Medicine made the effort to block the issuing of licenses because their own bid was not one of the finalists to be approved for a medical marijuana growing license.
The company claims that the commission did not consider diversity in their decision as is required by Maryland law when finalists are named. This latest lawsuit is the third company to sue the state over license grants.  Brown says that issuing growers’ licenses before the legal case is resolute may end up “invalidating the medical cannabis licensing process” as doing so would be done contrary to the state law. While Brown has a point, some might argue that bureaucracy and the process more importantly should not interfere with the supply of medicine and public health programs which should be the main focus of the entire process. Meanwhile, the commission has had no comment and simply has stated that the commission’s panel is evaluating the order by The Court of Appeals. So far, only one of the 15 permitted licenses have been issued. Maryland’s medical marijuana law was approved in 2013.  Since then, there have been numerous delays and setbacks that have had a great impact on medical marijuana in Maryland. For Marylanders, especially those who are in need, the latest ruling will remain in tact.     What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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