Forget the popcorn. Get out of here with that hotdog. When I'm at a UMD football game this year, I'm eating crab in style.

University of Maryland Athletics took to social media this week to get fans pumped up for the start of the school's College Football home opener. Many people were interested in starting lineups or strategy for home opener. But UMD Athletics knows what we really care about: concession food. This year, the food at Maryland Stadium is getting a serious upgrade. While the Terapins are currently ranked 74th in the Country (translation: not the best), the new stadium food that was just announced is, without a doubt, top 10 in the country.
No. 1 - Baltimore Cheese Steak Usually, we leave the best for last, but this one sounds just too good to bury in this article. This sandwich had my mouth watering right from the start. Like every good food reveal, UMD has decided to let our imaginations run wild on this one and not release a photo of this sandwich. But, they did issue a press release that makes me want to line up for Saturday's game right now.
What’s a Baltimore Cheese steak you ask? It’s thinly sliced griddled rib eye steak, topped with a white cheese sauce blended with Old Bay and a touch of Sherry then layered in fried onions on a hearth baked roll with hot [Giardiniera] peppers from Baltimore’s Little Italy on the side!”
I have to be honest. That just sounds like the perfect stadium meal. Then again, I like putting Old Bay on everything, so I might be a bit biased. No. 2 - Chessie Jr. crab I prefer not to mess around when it comes to stadium food. That's why I am a big fan of the Chessie, a 1.5-pound pretzel topped with crab meat and melted cheese. First revealed in 2014, the Chessie was just as massive as its sea-monster namesake. But not everyone can handle such a big pretzel. That's ok, this is nothing to be ashamed about. That's why this year, Maryland Stadium is rolling out the Chessie Jr. This much smaller crab-topped pretzel can be carried with one hand, meaning you will be much more agile and nimble. Far too often, fans sacrifice tasty food for mobility. Sure, cup of soup might be delicious, but how's it going to work when you're jumping up and down to celebrate a touchdown? Sacrifice no more, my friends. But the stadium promises that Chessie Jr. will be just as delicious as daddy. No. 3 - Crab Nachos crab Finally, they got it right. Nachos are, hands down, one of the best stadium foods. But they've been missing one key ingredient for years: crab meat. I don't care if that's not authentic to put crab on nachos, it's delicious. And they are completely shareable, which is a plus at the game. Based on the pictures, this new concession offering looks pretty simple: chips+cheese+crab meat+a sprinkle of Old Bay. Simple, but perfect.
No. 4 - Southern Maryland Pulled Pork Sandwich No picture for this sandwich, but if I was working concessions, I wouldn't want to spill the beans on this one either. Pulled pork is a Maryland staple, often overshadowed by the beloved blue crab. I am here to tell you that the honorable pig will be overshadowed by these bottom feeders no more... at least not at UMD games. If you are sick and tired of Old Bay [Editor's Note: blasphemy], then this is definitely a delicious alternative. I'm going to have to deduct points for eatability pending a photograph, but this sounds really tasty. No. 5 - Crab Cake Sandwich crab Don't get me wrong, I enjoy crab cakes just like every other warm blooded Marylander. But I don't think I've ever been to a football game and said to myself, "Do you know what would make this game even better? A crab cake!" Then again, it's really hard to get a crab cake wrong, especially when it comes with a side of coleslaw. No. 6 - Vegetable-Based Maryland Crab Soup By all means, talk to me when it's November, 40 degrees, and raining out. I might have a different opinion then, but right now, this soup is the obvious loser in this new menu reveal. Soup gets poor marks for eatability. Can't jump up and down with a bowl of scalding soup in your hands, can you? Shareable? Absolutely not. If your buddy leaves to hit up the concession stand and comes back with soup, you need to find a better friend. Absolutely irredeemable. The only thing crab soup has going for it is the fact that it is delicious, which might be enough to make it onto the menu, but definitely not enough to make it into the top 5. What's your favorite tailgate or game food? Let us know in the comment section below!

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