Americans are cutting the cords in record numbers. They are ditching traditional cable and satellite television and choosing to stream their tv channels over the internet. But not all tv streaming services are created equal. While the cable channels tend to all be the same across different services, basic broadcast channels like FOX, NBC, and CBS are handled differently across platforms. Here are the pros and cons of all the different tv streaming options available in Virginia!

PlayStation Vue

If you have a PlayStation 3 or 4 game system, one of the easiest ways to cut the cord and switch to internet tv is to go with the PlayStation Vue service. While tv streaming providers require customers to use streaming hardware like a Roku or Google Chromecast, PlayStation 3 or 4 customers can stream their television right through their game system. Don't have a PlayStation 3 or 4? Not a problem. PlayStation Vue can also be streamed to your television using Roku streaming devices, all generations of Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV (4th Generation and up), as well as Android TV. PlayStation Vue recently upped its prices, so basic plans now start at $39.99 and go all the way up to $79.99/month when you add premium sports packages. This is one of the more expensive tv streaming services on the market. Northern Virginia: FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC On Demand Richmond:¬†FOXDemand, ABC On Demand, NBC OnDemand Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads: FOXDemand, ABC On Demand, NBC OnDemand PlayStation Vue offers a free five-day trial for customers to try out the service before signing up. YouTube TV YouTube TV is one of the newer services to hit the market. When it launched in 2017, it was only available in 10 media markets. Today, it has expanded to 40 markets, with more on the way. However, that expansion is still limited in Virginia. Right now, YouTube TV is only available for customers living in the Washington DC media market. So if you get DC basic channels, you are likely able to get YouTube TV where you live.