A D.C. pop-up bar thought a joke about sexual assault would make a great addition to their "experimental" menu; when the nation responded with a collective "NOPE," the bar removed the "Pill Cosby" cocktail from the menu.

The D.C. pop-up shop called "Diet Starts Monday" intended to become a trendy retail, restaurant, and bar combo-concept. Diet Starts Monday is an experimental apparel brand by sneaker designer John Geiger, co-founder of Premium clothing Davin Gentry, and DMV-area nightlife fixture Kevin “Scooty” Hallums. The team looked to make waves with their unique dining and shopping experience. What they got was a media outrage thanks to their poorly thought-out cocktail name: Pill Cosby. Together, these three set out to create a unique combination of indulgent experiences in the district. The location on Northwest 14th Street features a full kitchen menu, signature cocktails, and limited edition apparel. The drink menu features drinks like the Dave Chappel and the Taraji P. Henson, supposedly paying homage to African American celebrities with roots in the District. The supposed-trend-setting experiment turned into a publicity nightmare when someone on the all-male team decided to add a cocktail to the menu that made light of rape and sexual assault. The "Pill Cosby" was a tequila cocktail served with floating pill capsules. [caption id="attachment_1951" align="aligncenter" width="718"]Pill Cosby The *hilarious* cocktail called Pill Cosby, named after Bill Cosby who is currently standing trial for the drugging and rape of one of the nearly 60 women who accused him assault.[/caption]


On Monday, as the full force of social media outrage befell Diet Starts Monday, five jurors were chosen in the trial of the All-American creep who gave the drink its name. The drink refers to Bill Cosby, who is currently standing trial in Philadelphia for drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Andrea Constand is just one of nearly 60 women who have come forward to accuse Cosby of drugging and assaulting them. Sixty women have accused Cosby of drugging and assaulting them, and the team at Diet Starts Monday saw an opportunity to make an offensive joke? According to David Gentry, the drink was intended to make people "more aware." The group released the following statement via Twitter:
This drink was a one-time item – its inclusion as an offering of ours was in poor taste and we’ve taken all necessary steps to ensure it won’t happen again. We take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended. The allegations against Mister Cosby are serious and we in no way intended to make light of the pain surrounding his behavior. We rely on our community to help us guide everything we do. We appreciate all the feedback. This was a mistake, it will not be made again. We are sorry. We’ve begun the process of reaching out to leaders in our community to teach us how to be better, and we value everyone’s thoughts. Again, we are sorry for any pain this has caused and we’re working to do better.”

The all-male trio may try to make due with safe-space training.

On their Twitter, the group has actively responded with further apologies. In response to their claim of awareness spreading, local D.C. users have suggested some legitimate actions they can take to spread awareness about sexual assault. One user tweeted the following: https://twitter.com/ChristyRunsDC/status/867045741587554305 Other users suggested the same thing, to which Diet Starts Monday responded: https://twitter.com/dietstartsmon__/status/867047644392194049 Safe Spaces D.C. is an activist organization that "mobilizes the community to end public sexual harassment and assault in the D.C. metropolitan area" through online and offline activism, including workshops, innovative direct services, policy advocacy, and community outreach. The group has a "Safe Bar Collective" that is a revitalization of the Safe Bars project. The Safe Bars project seeks to educate and empower D.C.-area bar staff to stand up against sexual harassment and assault. The project offers trainings, and Diet Starts Monday alluded to participating in one by re-tweeting Safe Spaces D.C.: https://twitter.com/saymthreetimes/status/866812682443399169 https://twitter.com/saymthreetimes/status/866765112606109696 Will the pop-up bar be able to redeem itself with some safe-space training? Its unlikely since their reviews on Facebook and Yelp have already plummeted into one-star territory. What is your response to the controversy? Do you think that Diet Starts Monday will be able to recover from this? Let us know in the comments below!

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