Police in a small Virginia town are struggling to figure out why someone keeps shaving the townspeople's pet cats.

It should go without saying that if you see a cat that doesn't belong to you, don't shave its hair off. As common sense as that sounds, apparently the logic is lost on some Virginians. There is a cat shaver on the loose. No, that is not a euphemism. In Waynesboro, a small Virginia town in the Shenandoah Valley, police reports indicate that at least seven domesticated cats have been involuntarily shaved since December of 2016. After the alarming trend hit the news, Waynesboro Police Captain Kelly Walker announced Friday, April 28 that his department was looking into the issue of the mysterious cat shaver. Capt. Walker stressed that all of the shaved cats have been returned to their owners otherwise unharmed. However, he admitted that some of the felines seemed bothered by the fact that they were shaved bald. All of the shaved cats clearly had owners. They were all wearing collars and were well groomed, that is, until the Shenandoah Shaver got involved. Here is what is truly baffling: Waynesboro police have yet to figure out if these cat shavings even constitute crimes. Apparently, there is no local or state law that prohibits a random person from involuntarily shaving someone else's pet.

This seems like pretty shoddy police work. A serial cat shaver has been striking in their community for more than four months and the police can't tell if the shavings are criminal. One would think that an individual stealing domesticated animals and taking blades or razors to their skin would constitute animal cruelty or, at the very least, animal endangerment. Instead of pursuing justice against this unlicensed cat barber, the affected pet owners say they "would just like it to stop." These victims echo the same sentiment that all pet owners share, but few are ever forced to vocalize: please don't shave my cat. Anyone who has a information concerning the Waynesboro cat shaver can call the Waynesboro Police Department's toll-free Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-322-2017.

If the Shenandoah Shaver is ever caught, he or she will have to abide by the Virginia Department of Corrections' new underwear policy in prisons.