Did you know it's actually the eighth-oldest business school in the nation?

With picturesque mountains always in sight, festivals going on year-round, breweries on every corner, and a strong economy, Denver is quickly becoming many people's forever-home. There's just one catch: living here is very expensive. Denver often ranks in the top 25 most expensive big cities to live in. The average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Denver is currently $1,335 per month (and that doesn't include parking, utilities, pets, etc.), and it's not necessarily an easy place to go car-less -- especially if you plan on enjoying the mountains on a regular basis. The upside, however, is that with economic growth there are a lot of opportunities to earn enough to live comfortably. It may just take a little extra education, on-the-job experience, and some discipline. Luckily, you don't have to go far to earn those things -- in fact, we found that one of the best places to get an MBA is right here in the Mile High City: the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business.
Daniels has been producing world-renowned business leaders since 1908, making it the eighth-oldest business school in the nation, but some quick research shows that Daniels is anything but a stuffy, old, Ivy League wannabe. They're actually "pioneering" some really interesting MBA programs and gaining national acclaim. The Princeton Review ranks Daniels as the third-best "Green" MBA in the nation (2016), Bloomberg Businessweek called it the third-best part-time MBA in the northwest region (2013), and CoBiz Magazine -- a Colorado-specific publication -- gives it the No. 1 spot as the best MBA in Colorado (2015). Furthermore, Inc Magazine gave Daniels a spot on its 10 most innovative programs in the nation (2015), Forbes called it No. 27 of its top 50 universities for startups (2014), and of course, Daniels won U.S. News and Reports' "Best in the West," as it does most years. [gallery ids="28271,28272,28275"] What's better is that Daniels is more than just a business school; it's highly regarded for its focus on social, environmental, and ethical issues. Not to mention, it prides itself on being very hands-on, which is why the university hosts events like the DU Analytics Challenge -- an event where schools from around Colorado compete to help organizations like Special Olympics Colorado solve their business challenges and improve their overall model. “I’m thrilled with what the students were able to not only do for us, but how they were able to use analytics to open our eyes to so many more possibilities. These efforts have changed the way we think about our coaches and how we support them. I’m so glad that we were able to work with all these talented students,” said Mindy Watrous, president and CEO of Special Olympics Colorado. It's this comprehensive and dynamic approach that makes Daniels a contender, and we expect to hear a lot more from the university. So if you've been thinking about an MBA, you don't have to leave your life here in Denver. Consider Daniels instead. You'll be sharper for doing so.

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