The Wharf brings "curling" to D.C. every winter to draw the community closer together. 

You may have seen curling on TV during the winter Olympics, but have you ever wanted to try it for yourself? Combine this Canadian tradition with a couple winter cocktails and some good friends, and you've got yourself a pretty solid Monday night.

WHEN: Every Monday in January | 7 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
WHERE: The Wharf | 1100 Maine Avenue SW | Washington, D.C.
ATTIRE: Wear soft-soled tennis shoes (equipment will be provided) 

The Wharf's Curling and Cocktails is a free event that's open to anyone ages 8 and up! There is a limit of 200 people, however, so make sure you get there early to claim your spot (there are no online reservations).

Whether you're a novice curler or come with years of competitive experience, all levels of curling are welcome! Don't want to go on the ice? That's okay, too! Curling makes for a great spectator sport. 

The "cocktails" part is one of the most fun things about curling -- it's the tradition that the winning team buys the losing team a round of drinks. While that's not exactly how this Wharf event plays out (samples of winter cocktails are available to everyone over age 21), it still makes it super-entertaining. 

What's Curling?

Curling is a winter team sport that's played on ice. Players shuffle weighted stones toward a target, and, to a bystander, the game looks a lot like shuffleboard. One of the biggest identifiers of professional curlers is their pants, which some may say are unfortunate for their densely patterned plaid.

The Norwegian curling team, courtesy of NPR

For more information, visit the event website.

Will you be attending Curling and Cocktails at the Wharf? Have you ever curled before? Tell us in the comments! And we'll see you there!

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