Come out on July 22-23, because County’s farms are participating in this year's Farm Tour and there will be plenty of activities, produce shopping and more.

Montgomery County’s annual Farm Tour is a yearly event that promotes the county’s farms and showcases the expansive agricultural history and local products available to area residents throughout the growing season. The Farm Tour and Harvest sale is now in its 28th year and will give visitors the chance to experience large farmland areas, lush gardens and orchards, fresh air, livestock and green pastures. Since the inaugural event was held in 1990, the Farm Tour has become immensely popular among both residents and host farmers. This rain or shine event has grown significantly in the past two decades, Farm Tour participating farms are a mix of both old farms and new. During the two-day event, 17 farms will open on Saturday and 13 farms will be open on Sunday. Activities that visitors will able to experience include pony and tractor rides, produce picking, food booths, picnics and music. Participating farms are located across the county, from Germantown’s Butler’s Orchard and Rock Hill Orchard in Mount Airy to Silver Spring Farms Global Aquaponic Systems and Heyser Farms; the tour provides nearby farm locations to county residents everywhere. Some may want to visit several or most of the farms, however, each of the farms is certain have something for everyone. If you plan to visit one or more of the farms, you should visit the Farm Tour website to find out what each farm has to offer and what kinds of activities are planned. Farm Tour
Kingsbury’s Orchard for example grows 20 varieties of fresh apples, 50 varieties of peaches and has a wide selection of Asian Pears, cherries and nectarines. Meanwhile, farms such as Global Aquaponic Systems Corporation provide educational tours of the facilities, and introduces visitors to Aquaponics, reusable energy systems, rainwater collecting systems and more. Other participating farms such as Star Gazing Farm of Boyds are home to abused, neglected and special needs farm animals, and visitors will have the chance to see horses, ducks, cows, llamas, goats, chickens, cats, dogs and rabbits. They will also have the opportunity to take part in hands-on activities designed for children, which include spinning and wool crafting, shearing, humane animal handling, crafting and games, face painting and guided tours. Some of the participating farms also offer horseback riding and riding lessons, breathtaking views and scenery, hayrides, wine tasting and tours as well as the opportunity to purchase grass fed lamb and beef, pasture raised chicken, heritage breed pork and free range eggs. Farm Tour The Farm Tour and Harvest Sale was started in 1990 to provide a way for consumers to get to know their local farmers and coincides with Maryland’s “Buy Local Challenge,” which was started in 2007 to educate residents on the environmental and economic benefits of buying and eating food locally grown. The Farm Tour and Harvest sale promises to be lots of fun, whether you want to buy fresh produce, spend a day outside doing something fun or keep your kids entertained, this event is one all should consider attending. Farm Locations, event hours, activity lists and general information can be found on the Tour’s website.
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