Fall into the wonderful, literary rabbit hole that is Trappe's Unicorn Bookshop!

Trappe, Maryland, is the home to a hidden gem on the side of the road called the Unicorn Bookshop! Thanks to one of my friends that calls this small town home, I was led into my own personal version of heaven. The small building is home to walls upon walls filled with an endless amount of books, a staircase with travel books lined up on each step, and a second floor that holds antique maps from around the area. And there are plenty of treasures waiting there for you, too!

WHERE: 3935 Ocean Gateway, Trappe, Maryland
HOURS: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
CONTACT: Click here, call 410-476-3838, or email [email protected]

Courtesy of Unicorn Bookshop (Facebook)

Founded in 1975, the Unicorn Bookshop originally made a home for itself in Easton. It moved to its current location in 1983, where Jim Dawson became the sole owner and collected works to make the bookshop into the book lover's haven it is today.

The Unicorn Bookshop specializes in used books -- from your average secondhand novels to rare copies of classics! Wind your way through their maze of bookshelves and approximately 30,000 literary treasures. There are volumes on American history, antique and first editions, the history of Maryland and local areas, art, mythology, Native Americans, science fiction, the Civil War, and so many more! And if you get the chance to visit, be sure to keep an eye out for the unicorn decor scattered throughout the store!

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