Dallas, a Pitbull who began life being forced to fight in a dog-fighting ring, gets a second lease on life as a drug-sniffing dog.

Although Dallas has innocent doe eyes and adorable floppy ears, this young Pitbull was forced to do horrible things. Dallas was rescued along with 30 other Pitbulls at a dog-fighting ring in Canada in 2015. Multiple dogs were suffering from injuries when they were rescued, and the police found detailed logs of the intense workouts the animals were forced to complete.

No one would blame Dallas for being untrusting of people and having difficulties adjusting after his rough start to life. Dallas was originally deemed dangerous and was sentenced for euthanasia after his behavioral assessment. But Rob Scheinberg, who runs Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, did not think Dallas's story was that simple.

Scheinberg fought for the animals, and a judge granted him custody of 18 of the dogs, including Dallas. Dallas eventually ended up at Throw Away Dogs Project, named after the name given to unwanted dogs.

Courtesy of Pit Sisters

Throw Away Dogs Project trains stray dogs to work in communities, giving the animals a purpose and second chance. Co-Founder Carol Skaziak started the nonprofit with Jason Walters after she became disheartened by the dogs who were dropped off and abandoned at the pet kennel she worked at. As Skaziak understands, no dog deserves to be a throwaway.

Once rescued, Dallas quickly proved himself to be an impressive ball handler and a loving companion. When Dallas was placed in a prison as part of an inmate program, he made friends and wagged his tail with everyone he met. Not even prison could bring Dallas down.

It was decided that Dallas would be a great match as a K-9 drug-sniffing dog. The Honaker Police Department had long wanted a drug-sniffing dog but could not afford to go the traditional route, which can cost over $10,000. The Throw Away Dogs Project and Dallas stepped in to help. 

While Dallas's story warmed the hearts of many, the issue of rehabilitating former fighting dogs is still debated. Some argue that the dogs may never lose their instinct to fight and are a public safety risk. While that may be true for a select few victims of dog-fighting, Dallas and others show us their endless ability to love and, above all, forgive.

Those who want to help dogs like Dallas are encouraged to donate to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary here and Throw Away Dogs Project here

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