Mom marks each of month of her son’s life with pizza slices.

Parents love to document those early months in baby’s first year with pictures. It’s great to be able to look back and see how much your baby has grown. Parents have used giant numbers, whimsical numbered onesies, or a simple chalkboard. But one mom in Frederick came up with a cute and tasty way to mark her son Lorenzo’s first year: slices of pizza.

Lorenzo's Pizza Milestones, courtesy of Dani Leigh Photography, Facebook

Dani Giannandrea, a wedding and family photographer from Frederick, Maryland, felt a little guilty for not finishing the milestone project for her first child. So when the second one came along, she wanted him to have something cute and creative. Since his name is Lorenzo, Giannandrea’s mother suggested she go with an Italian theme. After cruising the internet for ideas and coming up empty, a lightbulb went off -- pizza!

Each month she bought a pizza and placed little Lorenzo inside of the box. Dressed in a white onesie and placed next to the corresponding number of slices, Lorenzo posed for his monthly photo. Her family was also guaranteed a delicious pizza every month from Frederick’s own il forno. After his first birthday in February, she created a cute collage and posted it on Instagram. It was immediately a hit, garnering praise from around the world. 

Other parents have used food to document the growth of their little ones. A father in Philadelphia shared his son’s milestones by comparing to his favorite Philly staple, the cheesesteak. Another mom posted pictures of her baby bump using Taco Bell menu items to demonstrate the size of the baby. And of course, there’s always the obligatory picture of the swaddled as a baby burrito.

Did you take the time to capture your child’s milestones? What other food items do you think this would work with? Tell us in the comments!

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