The author of Hidden Figures is taking us to Baltimore in her next book.

Margot Lee Shetterly, author of the New York Times best seller Hidden Figures, is setting her next novel in Baltimore. Viking Press told the Associated Press on Monday that Shetterly has a two-book deal with the publisher and in properly Shetterly fashion, the new book has been said to revolve around African-Americans who are overlooked by historians. The books will follow the legacies of both the Murphy family, which controlled a prominent African-American newspaper in Baltimore, and the Adams family who were philanthropists and investors.
"Shetterly will bring the history of Baltimore to life through the success stories of the Adamses and the Murphys, also showing the contrasting challenges faced by those left behind by redlining, lack of economic opportunity and urban decay," Viking announced. "In doing so, she will bring new understanding to the history of a city that represents both the upside and the shortcomings of the American dream." There's no details as to when the books will be released. However, if it's anything like Hidden Figures there's a chance we may be seeing Baltimore back on the big screen. What are your thoughts? Did you see Hidden Figures? Let us know in the comments below!

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