Hidden Maryland Places

Hidden Maryland Places for a Quiet Stroll

Greenwell State Park, Hollywood

Hidden Maryland Places You need to check out this 596 acre park in St. Mary’s County. Greenwell has 10 miles of marked trails perfect for hiking, cycling, or horseback riding. The park IS bring your own horse, though.

Betterton Beach, Betterton

Hidden Maryland Places As one of the most hidden Maryland places, this is the perfect beach to avoid the crowds. There is a year-round population of only 345 people, making this place perfectly peaceful for a stroll on the beach.

Lilypons Water Gardens, Adamstown

Hidden Maryland Places Looking to get your water gardening on? Lilypons sells an array of water gardening products. This place is so special because there is an excessive amount of water gardens on site. You walk around the grounds which is up there with taking a stroll through Longwood Gardens.

Jane’s Island State Park, Crisfield

Hidden Maryland Places

This is one of the best hidden Maryland places. Including over 2,900 acres of salt marsh, you can wander around these picturesque wetlands. You can even canoe or kayak - it’s 30 miles of water tails for a true Chesapeake experience.

Fort Carrol

Hidden Maryland Places This abandoned pre-Civil War defense has become so overgrown it has actually turned into an informal bird sanctuary. The perfect quiet and hidden spot to check out some history and take a quiet stroll.

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