Ledo Pizza is a unique pizza restaurant and takeout place – from original flatbread pizzas, salads, subs to Italian entrees – the menu has lots to choose from.

Ledo Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain local to the D.C. area, and has locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. While chain restaurants are often associated with more common food types and recipes, Ledo Pizza is unlike most pizza places in the United States. The restaurant serves pizza flatbread style, the square pizzas are very light and tasty while also being fulfilling enough to cure a growling stomach. Patrons can order items to go or dine in; most locations are maybe half the size of a typical restaurant, such as Chevy’s or Olive Garden. The menu is complete with appetizers such as garlic bread, Italian bruschetta, cheese fries and chicken tenders, as well as salads, subs, pasta entrees and stromboli. At Ledo Pizza, the focus is on the food, and at most locations alcohol and dessert are not served. Ledo Pizza carries the title of a restaurant, but is a food place more like Chipotle or Boston Market, while maintaining the feel of a mom and pop place that it originated as. Ledo’s thin crust pizzas are complemented with sweet sauce, greasiness and smoked provolone cheese that makes them so delicious. The pizzas are simply made yet still easily distinguishable from the pizzas of other restaurants. As for the menu items, the Greek salad is loaded with grape tomatoes, black olives, banana pepper, sliced chicken and feta cheese on crispy greens and works well to adjust the taste buds to the Italian entrees. I personally would recommend the Buffalo chicken loaded with crispy chicken, lettuce, grape tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, bacon and red onions.  Ledo Pizza
The restaurant’s pizzas are gluten-free, although some toppings may contain gluten. The topping selections are plentiful if you want to create your own pizza. Meanwhile, the Italian Red is a good choice; the combination of thin-cut artisan pepperoni, salami and tangy banana peppers is sweet and spicy but not too spicy. The Buffalo Chicken is also excellent and is loaded with Ledo’s own Buffalo sauce, Provolone Cheese and roasted chicken. The restaurant also has a Veggie pizza, which is loaded with Mushrooms, red onions and green peppers.  Ledo’s subs are also very delicious. The South Street cheesesteak is loaded with steak, has sautéed red onions and green peppers, while the cheddar cheese is something a little different if you’re not in the mood for pizza. The teriyaki cheesesteak is another unique alternative, loaded with teriyaki sauce, mushrooms, broccoli and provolone cheese. The Italian entrees all come with garlic bread and in hearty portions; Ledo has six classic pasta, spaghetti and lasagna dishes to choose from.  The calzones and Stromboli, just like the pizza, are made with the signature Ledo sauce except for the white Florentine calzone. Some may be surprised that there are no dessert items on the menu, however, anyone who has tried Ledo's pizza is likely to come back. Ledo has roughly 100 locations across Maryland and Virginia, as well as a handful of locations in Washington D.C., West Virginia, South Carolina, Florida and North Carolina. A new Myrtle Beach location is expected to open soon.  Ledo Pizza To find a Ledo location near you or for more information, visit Ledo Pizza's website. Have you been to Ledo's? Which meal was your favorite?

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