The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission took an important step in the state's medical marijuana program on Wednesday, May 17, awarding the first full license to grower Forward Gro LLC.

“The patients of Maryland will finally have an opportunity to try this medicine that could help tens of thousands of people,” Gail Rand, Forward Gro's CFO and patient advocate, said in response to the vote in the company's favor. [caption id="attachment_1579" align="aligncenter" width="650"]medical marijuana Image courtesy of[/caption] Because of the issued license, the company is officially authorized to plant cannabis for medicinal purposes, though they will not be able to sell medical marijuana products to patients until their dispensaries are inspected and licensed later this year.
A new industry in Maryland has been officially launched,” Patrick Jameson, the Commission's executive director, said in a statement. “Medical cannabis production will change the face of Maryland and will have a profound economic and health impact on the entire region.”
The Commission awarded the stage two license to Forward Gro after months of delays and multiple lawsuits questioning the licensing process. While 15 companies were awarded "pre-approval" licenses back in August, applying companies whose licenses weren't pre-approved had raised concerns about fairness in geographic diversity and racial diversity, causing a multitude of legal delays. The stage two license of Curio Wellness, one of Forward Gro's competitors and another pre-approved grower applicant, will be voted on later this month.

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