Intellectual? Outdoorsy? Artistic? There's a meetup group for that.

For more than a decade, has been bringing together locals with shared interests for fun events and activities. And as people move in and out of Denver and social groups change, you may be inclined to meet some friendly new faces. The most popular meetup groups in Denver are as eclectic as the city itself, offering something for everyone. Here are our favorites. 

Trails and Ales

With just over 10,000 members, this group has a dual purpose: exploring the great outdoors and socializing in the city. 

Denver Newbies

If you're new to Denver and looking for social interaction, this group offers a diverse range of activities for its 6,000 members. 

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Coffee, Tea & Conversations

This group is great for introverts looking to meet new people. Their motto is: "Treat everyone here as if they were your best friend."

Creative Connections

With more than 9,000 members, this is the largest networking meetup for creative professionals in the region. 

Built in Colorado

Join in monthly networking and social events designed to connect professionals in the tech industry.

Energy Healing & Intuitive Meditation

This popular group connects you with other mindful individuals and offers meetups designed to improve your mental and spiritual health. 

20's and 30's Doing Things Differently

This group offers younger folks an opportunity to participate in diverse events that encourage conversation and connection. 

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Fun-Loving Intellectual & Cultured Singles

This group has over 5,000 members and was created for singles ages 35-55 who are interested in attending intellectual discussions and cultural events. 

Denver Art Society Cooperative

Artists and art connoisseurs alike can enjoy classes, shows, and social events with other like-minded Denverites.

A Taste of Denver

Foodies, unite! Make friends and explore the food and wine scene in Denver. 

The Denver Doggie Happy Hour Meetup Group

Bring your dog to outdoor patios and other dog-friendly venues to meet other canine companions (and people).

Denver Relaxed Philosophy and Movie Club

If you like watching movies or participating in intellectual discussions, this one's for you. 

Never Not Doing Things CO

This meetup group brings together people from all walks of life who want to get active by exploring the outdoors and participating in volunteer opportunities. 

The Denver Not-So-Girly Girls' Group

Find other intelligent young females who are "interested in more things than just days at the spa, talking about marriage, and watching chick flicks together."

The Denver Board Games Meetup Group

This group hosts events almost daily for its 3,500+ members to enjoy. If you like board games, you should join this group.

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Denver Live Music Meetup

Check out a variety of concerns as you explore the live music scene in Denver with new friends. 

Denver Comedy Connoisseurs 

With free comedy shows happening practically every night of the week in Denver, this active group of 3,500+ members offers plenty of opportunities to laugh alongside other comedy fans. 

Wine and Wood Crafting

Love working with your hands or just want to try something new? Take free classes on woodworking and enjoy the included wine or beer. 

What do you think? Did we miss any meetup groups that you love to attend? Is there one that sounds interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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