It's Always Nice to Have a Truck in the Family

There's no denying that pick up trucks are still thought of as work vehicles, and I blame trucks of old. Heavy clutches, long throw shifters, loose steering, and a ride that would knock your fillings out weren't really worth the utility they afforded owners unless you needed it. Then there's the way they market trucks and the fact that trucks are still necessary on the farm, oil rig, constructions site, etc. 

But now, in 2018, I can confidently say that trucks have changed, and in their refined crew-cab form can actually be a great family car. After all, modern pickup trucks ride like a dream, have silky-smooth 10-speed automatic transmissions, heated steering wheels, heated seats, cooling ventilated seats, leather wrapped everything, blind spot sensors, backing cameras, and enough seating for five people. And that makes me think, the modern pick-up – while still useful in its traditional sense – could even make a great substitute for an SUV. 

Hear me out. Yes, most people see pickups as 'rugged' and some people think they can be intimidating to drive but if you're going to drive a GMC Yukon XL anyway, why not give up one row of seating for a bit of utility? Between the two vehicles, they're scarily similar in terms of price, size, efficiency, and the way they ride and drive.

And it seems silly to think that the difference in whether or not it's considered a "work vehicle" and a "family car" is a bit of extra steel and glass covering a row of cramped back seats, so why not give the full-size crew-cab pickup a try? 

If you don't need the extra seats, the pickup is actually great for taking the kids to hockey practice because you can keep that putrid hockey bag from smelling up your car. You can throw all that snow-covered ski gear in the bed without worrying about getting the interior of your vehicle all wet. You can take the kids to ride their bikes along the Highline Canal with ease. Or bring the dogs to the lake and let them swim until their hearts' content. If you're a gardener, dirty tools, soil, and plants are a breeze to haul and trips to Home Depot or Costco are effortless. Need to help your soon-to-be-college-bound senior move out? That one's easy too. 

So it just goes to show, a truck can make a good family car! Go drive one and see for yourself if a full-size crew-cab pickup is actually better suited to your lifestyle, and don't worry about what other people think – it's 2018!

What are your thoughts? Would you actually consider a Sierra 1500 crew-cab over a Yukon XL? Let us know in the comments below!

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