A Berlin resident dressed as the Devil was arrested for drunkenly causing mayhem the weekend before Halloween and leading police on a back-and-forth chase across Coastal Highway.

Peak season may be long over, but there are still ridiculous headlines coming out of Ocean City, Maryland. Halloween was no exception, it seems. A 36-year-old Berlin man named Edward Ulrich II was arrested the Saturday before Halloween on intoxicated endangerment and a slew of other charges after he was seen causing havoc while dressed in a Devil costume. You can imagine the shock on the Ocean City Police Officers' faces when their patrol was interrupted by a scene straight out of a Halloween movie. Multiple people were chasing Ulrich through a parking lot and towards a liquor store. That was when the "Devil" entered the package store. A store employee told police that Ulrich picked up a chair from inside the store and decided to just throw it into the store's parking lot. An officer started tailing Ulrich on foot and ordered him to stop, however the man in the devil costume ignored them. They finally caught up with him at a bus stop on 41st Street. However, when Ulrich noticed the police officers, he got up and ran.
What followed can only be described as the most pathetic police foot chase I have ever heard of. Edward Ulrich started sprinting on the sidewalk along Coastal Highway. Just when it looked like the Ocean City Police Officers were going to catch him, he turned and darted across all eight lanes of Coastal Highway. The police report indicates that passing vehicles had to hit their brakes and literally skid to avoid striking him. Safely on the other side of the highway, Ulrich was, for some reason, confident that the officers wouldn't be able to get him there. Wrong. Police started crossing the highway after him. But, as soon as the pursuing officers were in the middle of Coastal Highway, Ulrich darted back across all eight lanes of traffic. Again, cars had to skid and swerve to avoid hitting him. According to the police report, this back and forth, real-life game of Frogger happened a total of four times before police were finally able to take the man into custody. This was certainly in the running for the longest foot pursuit of an Ocean City criminal suspect. After being arrested, Edward Ulrich II was brought to the station and booked on charges of intoxicated endangerment and a number of other pedestrian charges. Yes, it appears the Ocean City Police arrested the Devil for, among other things, jaywalking. Police also searched another person who was with Ulrich and discovered a small amount of marijuana, leading to additional charges. Some people might wonder whether the devil made Edward Ulrich do it, but at this point, these shenanigans appear to have been fueled by alcohol and marijuana... Did you see anything crazy in Ocean City on Halloween? Let us know in the comment section below!

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