D.C. has always been ranked as one of the most active and fit cities in the country. So how does it stack up with "spin class" -- one of the most popular fads in the group workout world?

With D.C.'s booming exercise economy, it's easy to find at least three different styles of workout classes in any neighborhood. One of the most popular fads in the group workout world is spin class, and with several spin classes available here in the District, and I’m here to help you navigate them!


CycleBar Spin Class CycleBar is one of the newest additions to the D.C. workout circuit. With locations in NoMa, Arlington, and (soon) Falls Church, this spin class is one of the most upbeat and positive classes I’ve ever attended. There are themed classes for every day of the week -- like a brunch class on Sundays, "Wine Down Wednesday," and "Throwback Thursday." The locker rooms are always spotless, and the bathrooms feature different amenities like hair ties, deodorant, and dry shampoo for when you take an early morning class. With a light, encouraging atmosphere, the instructors are helpful every step of the way -- whether you need assistance picking a bike, getting your spin shoes to lock in, or finding the perfect bike set-up for comfort. Classes run about 50 minutes long (including an arm workout), and if you're up for some friendly competition, you can opt to add your name to the board to see your standing in the class and participate in some racing, depending on the instructor. This is one of my favorite classes in D.C. -- one I think everyone should check out! To purchase classes, visit CycleBar's website here.


SoulCycle spin class SoulCycle is the spin class that made workout classes famous. This spin studio has become a celebrity favorite, a status symbol, and a culture. There are studios all over the District, but the one I went to is on Massachusetts Ave., close to Chinatown. The greeters at the studio were warm and welcoming, helping me to get my shoes and showing me to the locker room (again, with every amenity available). The studio itself seemed a bit small, but there were rows of bikes, and the room was dark, lit up only by some candles at the front. The music was deep -- like something you’d hear at an EDM concert. This class was also about 50 minutes with an arm workout using small weights, but I still felt the burn. The instructors at the studio are famously very much into their spin, but it got me pumped up and pushing myself. SoulCycle is definitely an experience! Check out their classes and merchandise on their website.  


Flywheel spin class from the outside. Flywheel is another popular studio here in D.C. -- one that feels like a combination of SoulCycle and CycleBar. The locker rooms are impeccable, and there's always free fruit available for a quick boost before class. This is the only studio of the group that is on ClassPass, making it very cost-efficient. This spin class is only 45 minutes long, including an arm workout, and it offers a competitive edge with standing boards that sometimes stay up for the entire class. To see which Flywheel studios are near you, visit their website!
What's your favorite spin studio in the D.C. area? Did we miss one? Please tell us in the comments below!

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