Help fight food waste by having "imperfect" fruits and veggies delivered to your door!

Americans waste 150,000 tons of food every single day. That's equal to one person wasting a pound of food each day. Of our wasted food, almost 40 percent is made up of fruits and vegetables. Now D.C. residents can fight food waste and get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to their door through Hungry Harvest -- a Baltimore company that delivers fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted.

These fruits and vegetables are just as healthy and delicious as anything you will find at the grocery store. The catch? They might be a little ugly.

The concept of "ugly food" was relatively unknown until a few years ago. Most people walking through the grocery store did not question how all the tomatoes came out so perfectly round or how all the apples were just the right shade of red. The truth is that many perfectly edible and delicious fruits and vegetables are not available at grocery stores simply because they do not look perfect. An estimated 66,500 acres of food are left unharvested each year because the produce does not meet aesthetic standards.

Courtesy of End Food Waste

That's where Hungry Harvest comes in. The company saves these fruits and vegetables from the farms, packing houses, and wholesalers. The produce can be thrown out at any stage of production if it does meet certain standards such as size, color, or surface blemishes. Additionally, some farms may throw out produce if they have a surplus due to higher-than-expected yields. 

CEO & Co-Founder of Hungry Harvest, Evan Lutz, got his start right in the DMV area, so it makes sense that the subscription box will now be expanding to D.C. Lutz created the idea for Hungry Harvest as a college student at the University of Maryland. After a difficult start of walking door-to-door in D.C. looking for potential customers, the company got its big break on Shark Tank.

So far the company has saved over nine million pounds of food from going to the landfill, and D.C. residents can help them save even more. People interested in starting a subscription can head over to their website where you can pick the size and frequency you would like for your box. You can also plug in your produce preferences, and Hungry Harvest will send you a customized box. 

What do you think? Will you be signing up? Let us know in the comments below!

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