An ambulance was stolen from Prince Georges County Hospital Center, a long and slow chase would end later in the morning with no perceivable motive.

Police reported on Friday, May 19 that a man stole an ambulance upon being released from Prince Georges County Hospital Center. A two-hour chase ensued through Prince Georges County before Police could apprehend the man. The stolen ambulance had no patients inside. Prince Georges County County Police said the suspect, forty-three-year-old William Person of Temple Hills, Md., was taken to the Prince Georges County hospital during the night after being found hurt and in need of help.  Upon his release from the Hospital at 6 a.m. Friday, he allegedly stole an ambulance as he was leaving. Once it was discovered that an ambulance had been taken, police used the tracking device inside to locate the emergency vehicle within 15 minutes. Person would go on to lead police on a low-speed chase southbound on I-495 towards Charles County. Upon reaching the county line, Charles County sheriffs managed to slow the suspect down by popping the ambulance’s tires using spike strips set on the road surface as the vehicle was approaching. Yet, Mr. Pearson continued to flee as he turned around and headed back north into P.G. County, where the ambulance’s tires began to shred and smoke started to come from the vehicle. Person then side-winded through suburban streets toward Route 5. Chief of P.G. County Police Hank Stawinski said that the officers’ goal was to keep the emergency vehicle from getting back onto the highway and would eventually box the suspect in and bring Person to an eventual stop. Person was arrested on the scene at 7:30 a.m. The County Chief said that the suspect blatantly ignored police throughout the chase. Person was the only person injured during the chase, he was taken to a local hospital to treat minor injuries. The police announced on Friday afternoon that Person faces charges of the malicious destruction of property and auto theft, as well as several traffic offenses issued by Charles County Police. Police have not identified a motive in the case as to why Person randomly stole the ambulance.
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