Here's some of the best and worst of the D.C. Metro, as only your tweets can deliver!

In D.C., the Metro brings the zoo to you! ::turns around and hops in an Uber::

So I guess some people just leave common decency at the escalator.

Sigh. Seriously?

Guess WMATA really wants to be that early bird.

Speaking of birds...

I wonder if WMATA could secure some kind of corporate sponsorship with FitBit?

Technology and WMATA are great. .. when they work and can honestly answer questions after we throw our money at them.

Sometimes the best are the ones that are simply honest.

Or the ones that put things into proper perspective.

Well, it's sweet that some people at least still have some confidence in the system that's left to be undermined.

I sense a Hallmark movie in the making.

Hopefully, they leave this out of the movie, because WHATTHEWHATPEOPLE.

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