Lima's Chicken is one of the places that has helped to put chicken back on the map; serving up Peruvian Chicken and recipes that are exceptionally delicious.

Peruvian Chicken is very tasty and is a great quick lunch and dinner option which is healthy, delicious and, most importantly, affordable. Peruvian Chicken is roasted in a way that results in juicy, tender chicken and is heavy on the herb marinades. Lima’s Chicken is one of the many newer Peruvian Chicken dine in and takeout places, the company has a handful of Maryland locations one of which is located in Bowie. I stopped in for lunch one afternoon with a friend, now every time I am in the neighborhood my mouth starts to water. Lima’s of Bowie is a fairly new establishment and the restaurant space is clean and shiny and feels like it opened just last week. While Lima’s is a takeout place, there is plenty of seating and tables where you can sit down and eat if you don’t want to your chicken to get cold on the way home. The place is decorated with posters bearing various sights of Peru which gives the restaurant a Latin vibe. When I visited, the line was fairly short with plenty of tables open for my choosing. Orders are placed at the front counter, some dishes are prepared in seconds, and dishes that require preparation are brought out to the tables once they're ready.   In addition to Peruvian recipes, the menu also includes a few Mexican favorites such as burritos and tacos. Of the appetizers, the guacamole with crispy, thin chips is quite tasty. The Guacamole is fresh and has a little kick, as well as a chunkier texture and balanced flavor. While Lima’s is a chicken place, you can order a plate of pork chops with rice and two sides for just $10.55 which is prepared in just a few minutes but tastes like it came fresh out of a Peruvian mother’s chicken. The pork chops are done right, the charred and smoky taste and grill marks are something you wouldn’t get at a late night diner. [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="1368,1369"]   The main specialty of Lima’s is the roasted chicken. Lima’s Peruvian rotisserie chicken has a heavily seasoned skin while the meat is tender, juicy and flavorful. I nibbled my chicken dish down to the bone, Lima’s chicken truly is finger licking good. The sauces are also ridiculously delicious and unique! Their spicy green sauce and creamy white sauce complement the herbs and seasoning perfectly, and are unlike sauces of non-Peruvian restaurants and recipes. The green sauce is the better of the two since it is spicy, but not so spicy that you would need to constantly sip your drink.
Service is swift and conducive to the casual atmosphere of the restaurant. The staff at the Bowie location is friendly and more than knowledgeable of the menu. Currently, Lima’s has four locations in Maryland, -Bowie, Hanover, Annapolis and Catonsville. If you have yet to try Peruvian Chicken, Lima’s is an authentic Peruvian Chicken place worth stopping in.

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