Fun made easy.

Every year, I am generally having an existential crisis over what to give as gifts. As a personal rule, I never give clothing because I don't have style. I don't give wine, because I know nothing about wine. And I don't give technology, or things related to it, because I can't afford what I want to give. The only thing I do know anything about is cars, and that really isn't helpful either -- unless my sister can craft something, like a flower box, from a set of Chevrolet valve covers. So that usually means I stick to experiential gifts, and in my search, I found this gem: the Colorado GetOutPass.

From the looks of it, all you have to do is pay $119.40 (which is $83.58 if you enter FUN30) and you get one-time yearly passes to:

  • Elitch Gardens
  • Water World 
  • Lakeside Amusement Park
  • A lift ticket to Monarch Mountain
  • A lift ticket to Sunlight Mountain Resort

And that's just to name a few. Considering a lift ticket to Monarch is listed at $89 and a full-price admission to Elitch's can run you $60, I was skeptical. But after a little research, and making contact with GetOut, it's actually legitimate. I also found out that they've been operating in Washington and Utah, and they told us you could make payments of $12.95 per month if you don't want to pay up front.

Unfortunately, the FUN30 promo code can only be applied if you purchase for the year. Regardless, that's super helpful if you have a couple kiddos. 

Now, like any discount club, there are some blackout dates which you can find online, but I think they're easy to work around. However, when you consider the other venues, I doubt you'll be struggling to find something to do.

And speaking of other venues, you can choose from Skyzone Trampoline Park, FatCats Bowling, DEFY Extreme Air Sports, Climbing Collective, Enigma Escape Rooms, The Summit, Jumpin', SpiderMonkey, Bandimere Speedway, Unser Karting, Colorado Mini Golf, Arapahoe Bowling, The Little Gym, South Suburban Ice Arena, Family Sports Center, and Lava Island.

All you have to do is create an account and select your payment type. Then, you can view all of your admission offers. Some can be used annually, others are monthly, weekly, or daily. When you see something you want to do, you just have to click 'redeem' and check in with the venue within six hours of clicking redeem. 

How's that for an experience? For more information, a complete list of vendors, or to purchase visit GetOutPass Colorado here and don't forget to use FUN30 at checkout! 

What are your thoughts? Want to give them something that'll get them off their phones? Maybe this is your answer. 

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