The Island Creamery has opened doors to customers in Salisbury, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

During the summertime, what could be better than a cold treat to help you beat the heat? The Island Creamery -- a beloved Chincoteague Island ice cream shop -- has decided to make another home for itself -- this time, in Salisbury.

The Salisbury location -- at 306 Dogwood Drive -- opened in June and is actually The Island Creamery's third, after a Berlin shop opened up last year. 

Courtesy of Island Creamery Salisbury (Facebook)

While the Salisbury location's menu is more limited than the original Chincoteague Island shop (no coffee drinks or flurries are offered), it still offers all 32 of the homemade ice cream flavors that everyone has come to expect from the shop (like Birthday Cake, Marsh Mud, Watermelon Sorbet, and many more) and even trucks them in from where they're made at Chincoteague Island. Even the look and feel of the shop is the same as the other two locations.

Courtesy of Island Creamery Salisbury (Facebook)

Opened by Bob and Nancy Conklin in 1975, The Island Creamery has stayed close to its family roots, being passed down from generation to generation. It's largely a family operation, and this expansion allows for more family members to get involved in the booming business.

For more information, check out their website!

Have you ever visited the Island Creamery before? What's your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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