Exercise is the food of love.

Couples who work out together, stay together. I mean, if someone can love you even when you've transformed into a living, breathing sweat-fountain, they're a keeper.

(Pro-tip: if you're not sure about them, go for a jog together. What happens next will be VERY revealing. Love makes it or breaks it when you hit the pavement.) So if you like working out with your significant other, here are some V-Day themed activities you both can enjoy!

1. Valentine-themed yoga.

February 13, Ruah Studio down on Ridgley Ave. is hosting a Valentine yoga class, complete with rose essential oils! Come with your partner to relax and indulge in an hour-long yoga routine, followed up by some chai and chocolate refreshments. Too tired to attend Wednesday night? They are offering another Valentine-themed yoga class on Saturday. This routine will focus on partner stretches -- so bring your workout buddy! Also, a little extra motivation: wine will be served post-workout. Yes, please!

2. Give some love to Tai-Chi!

The morning of Valentine's Day, try something new at Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi. On February 14, the Ridgely Ave. studio is hosting a free tai-chi class for you and your loved ones bright and early. Get your day started off on the right foot with this ancient self-defense-turned-relaxation exercise art form. They're even throwing in some chocolate treats to celebrate!

3. Go classic with some ice skating.

It's in most wintry romantic comedies for a reason. Ice skating gives you a good excuse to hold on tightly to your partner while wearing a cute hat and scarf. Ice skating isn't something we get to do year-round, so it won't even feel like working out, but, trust me, you'll be feeling the burn! Quiet Waters Park has a full-service ice rink outside, running from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. this Thursday. Plus, entry into the park is free after 5:30! Bring your skates, rent your skates, whatever works. Just make sure you bundle up! Is ice skating not your thing? Go for a walk on one of their many nature trails. As you walk around you can daydream about renting the facility for your future wedding with your Valentine. <3

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