There's a Reason Why Your Kitty Loves Sitting in Tight Spaces

When I was in my teens, I volunteered at a nearby animal shelter where I'd clean crates and launder blankets and towels for dogs and cats who were waiting to find their forever homes. One crate that stands out in my mind was of that of a mature cat who preferred to curl up inside a paper grocery bag, tucked away from view. As a former cat owner, I couldn't help but notice that cats seem to really like squeezing into tight spaces be it a box, corner, or basket. 

two cats in a box if i fits i sits
A rare display of "If We Both Fits, We Both Sits". Image courtesy Caitlin Sharpe

If you've been privy to any cat memes in the last few years, the galleries "If I Fits, I Sits" pictures show that cats large and small all seem to appreciate the snugness a cramped space has to offer. As it turns out, it's instinctual why cats love their limited accommodations.

It's rare for a cat to meet a box it didn't like. Image courtesy Sarah Bertrand

Not only do cats revel in the warmth of curling up in a small space, but they also do this to feel protected. In an effort to feel safe from predators, they seek shelter in the form of areas that are enclosed and tucked away. It doesn't matter if your cat is an indoor-only feline, at their very basic instinct they still retain the fight-or-flight urges held by their ancestors despite being domesticated over 10,000 years ago. 

If I Fits I Sits applies to favorite monkeys as well. Image courtesy Brittany Crowson

So if you're worried that your kitty is uncomfortable in a confined space, fear not, the cat is just doing what's in its nature. In the meantime, take a few photos of your compacted furbaby and send them to us at OCN!

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