In light of a recent retirement, the Welch Community Hospital will no longer be delivering babies.

A West Virginia hospital, Welch Community Hospital, will no longer be delivering babies. Expectant mothers will now have to go out of county to have their babies delivered in a hospital. The hospital's long time obstetrician, Dr. Julito Sultan, has retired, prompting the change in the program the hospital offers. The announcement and explanation came from the State Department of Health and Human Resources. Spokeswoman for the DHHR Allison Addler told the Bluefiled Daily Telegraph:
Since May 31, following the retirement of the OB/GYN physician, Welch Hospital has a part time, temporary OB/GYN doctor who works occasionally in the clinic... He does not take calls, do surgery or deliver babies. His availability is very limited." 
With the temporary and limited availability of this alternative doctor, expectant mothers in or near McDowell County will need to search for a new hospital. The closest hospitals with OB/GYN departments for mommies-to-be are: Princeton Community, Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Logan Regional, and Raleigh General.

Addler also added that there are currently no plans to bring back the department to the hospital at the moment.
Welch Hospital plans to contract with a vendor to provide at least two OB/GYN physicians for coverage in the OB/GYN clinic three days a week for non-emergency services... but non-emergency services do not include delivery." 
Surrounding hospitals are aware and willing to take in new patients for the various soon-to-be-mommy needs.

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