Zillow has released its latest statistics study, using real estate data to name the five best Washington, D.C., trick-or-treating neighborhoods!

The 21st century has brought a wave of technical and scientific advancements that have made all of our lives better. But while internet companies are working on ways to make humans more interconnected, and the pharmaceutical industry is developing ways to make us live longer, a handful of researchers at Zillow are doing what really matters: using science to determine the best D.C. trick-or-treating neighborhoods. We all know what that means. Some neighborhoods are just better on Halloween than others. Growing up, everyone knew which houses gave out the king-sized bars and which had small children, making them more likely to leave out a "take one" bowl. Likewise, everyone knew where the town dentist lived and avoided that house like the plague. Every year, it was a debate between going for quality candy in the suburbs and sheer quantity in the city. Well, it was only a matter of time before researchers got to work trying to use science and statistics to figure out the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods. According to the new Zillow study, Washington, D.C., trick-or-treating neighborhoods are ranked the eighth best in the entire country. To determine whether a neighborhood is a hit or a miss for trick-or-treating, the researchers measured three equally weighted variables.
  • Median home value, since people who own expensive homes are more likely to give out expensive candy.
  • Single-family home density, because no kid wants to trick-or-treat in a neighborhood where each house is a quarter-mile apart.
  • Population age, specifically what percentage of the population is made up of children 10 years old and younger. Households with younger children are more likely to participate on Halloween  and go the extra mile with their candy selection.
If it were us, we would have also added a fourth variable -- crime index -- since that is also an important factor in deciding which D.C. trick-or-treating neighborhoods parents let their kids go to. However, median home values do tend to be inversely correlated to the crime index. What five Washington, D.C., trick-or-treating neighborhoods made the list? 1) Kent dc trick-or-treating neighborhoods Located in the Northwest corner of Washington, D.C., practically in Maryland, Kent is well-deserving of the top spot on the list. With average homes being sold for around $1.7 million, this neighborhood definitely belongs on the list. Some of the most expensive houses in all of Washington, D.C., are located in Kent, making this a prime spot to look for those coveted king-sized candy bars.
2) Bloomingdale dc trick-or-treating neighborhoods While Bloomingdale only takes up .2 square miles, it has long been a prime trick-or-treating spot. Known for its rows of early-20th century row houses, this upscale neighborhood is just two miles north of the capitol building and is sure to be one of the best Washington, D.C., trick-or-treating neighborhoods. With each house sitting side-by-side, children can hit up the entire neighborhood a lot quicker than they would be able to in the suburbs. 3) Park View dc trick-or-treating neighborhoods This one was a bit of a surprise to find on Zillow's list. Situated just north of Bloomingdale, Park View probably wouldn't have made the list two decades ago. However, since 2000, the United States Census Bureau estimates that the average income in Park View has risen by over 22 percent. That, combined with the fact that there are 4,900 residents crammed into just 0.25 square miles, and this should be an easy D.C. trick-or-treating neighborhood to hit.
4) Berkley dc trick-or-treating neighborhoods This neighborhood, sometimes also called Foxhall Crescents, sits just south of Kent. Median home values reach into the $1.8 million range, so if kids are going to score, this could be the D.C. trick-or-treating neighborhood to do it in. And with Kent so close, children can probably hit up both if they start early enough. 5) Near Northeast dc trick-or-treating neighborhoods This one also took us by surprise a bit, but it makes sense if you look at all the factors. While median home values sit around $600,000, the density of single-family homes puts Near Northeast at the number-five spot on Zillow's list of best Washington, D.C., trick-or-treating neighborhoods. You won't see the mansions that you'd find in Kent or Berkley, but sometimes the goal is quantity over quality. Children can hit up a lot more houses in Near Northeast. -- Well, what do you think? What do you think is the best Washington, D.C., trick-or-treating neighborhood? Let us know in the comments below!

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