There are probably few things cooler in a city than some good, artsy murals.

Murals not only add tons of character and a sense of community to a neighborhood, but they’re also the perfect backdrop for your artsy Instagram shot. Here are three colorful walls that are totally Instagram-worthy and completely worth the visit! As a bonus, most of these locations feature cute photograph-friendly coffee shops nearby. Union Market Heart Wall 309 5th St. NE, Washington, D.C., 20002 The heart wall is probably the most iconic mural in D.C. Hundreds of colorful hearts fill the back wall of Union Market, and bloggers, photographers, and creatives are often spotted posing against it. You can’t help but feel happy and swell with a sense of pride that D.C. is your home when being around this wall because it represents love of all kinds. If you follow the hearts up, eventually they stop, and at the top of the wall in what looks like dripping black ink it says, “Never give up.” I mean, can you get more meaningful than that? Seriously. And once you’re done with your photo shoot you can head around the corner to the front, and enjoy Union Market, a large indoor bazaar with local and international food, fare, and activity. Lots of coffee and knick-knacks to snap pics of here, too. Instagram murals in D.C.
Blagden Alley 122 Blagden Aly NW, Washington, D.C., 20001 Alleys are officially no longer creepy, dark corners. Now they’re just cool, trendy places to practice bar, grab a cocktail, and sip on a cold brew. Bladgen Alley in Shaw is the epitome of transformation in D.C.; located in a traditionally transitional neighborhood, it’s been almost completely revitalized with restaurants, fitness studios, and coffee shops. And yet, Blagden Alley is not cookie-cutter in any way. It’s got charm and an edgy personality, its walls filled with colorful murals. Make sure you snap a shot in front of the woman artist wearing a big floppy brown hat and a blue robe. The purples and blues are almost a bit trippy, so make sure your outfit will contrast perfectly in the photograph. Also, be sure to not miss the “A System of Politics and Art” mural and the one with the curly-headed woman who has her eyes closed. All murals are meant to represent the rich history of the neighborhood, and the current community of diversity of residents. Instagram murals in D.C. Instagram murals in D.C. Instagram murals in D.C. The Watermelon Wall 1112 Q St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009 If you’re looking for something that’s just kind of fun, find The Watermelon Wall. The wall is actually the side of a house in Logan Circle. The owners asked to paint the house “fire-engine” red, but the side came out more pink than red, and it was probably the best mistake of all time, because instead of getting mad they decided to make it a watermelon. I mean, whoever these people are, we want to be their best friends. This wall is a great place to come to when the weather is nice (like this amazing fall we’ve been getting), explore the charming row houses, and take pictures in front of a giant watermelon. Again, make sure your outfit matches well. Instagram murals in D.C. Instagram murals in D.C. Don’t let your Instagram feed be boring: find murals! Whether you’re a professional content creator or just enjoy taking pictures against colorful backdrops, D.C. has its fair share of beautiful and meaningful murals. Do you have a favorite mural in D.C? Let us know in the comments below!

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