Discover Your Muscle Wellness With MuscleSound®'s Breakthrough Technology

With advances in modern medicine and anatomical studies, there have been innovations that allow us to gain a full understanding of our muscular health. Thanks to the Denver-based software company, MuscleSound®, fitness professionals, dieticians, nutritionists, and sports trainers can provide an in-depth assessment of an individual's muscular wellness. 

With so much discussion on bone, organ, and skin health, muscular wellness often gets ignored with the thinking that weight lifting or massage is the go-to approach to ensuring the health and well-being of muscle. Your muscles may look toned in a post-workout locker room selfie, but just how healthy are they really? 

MuscleSound®’s patented ultrasound-paired software looks inside muscles and shows a spectrum of factors that dictate muscle health. Their MuscleHealth program shows the measurement of a muscle's ability to store, create, and replenish energy. With MuscleSound® reporting, getting the data on muscle status provides real-time information that leads to an actionable wellness plan -- all within a matter of minutes.

MuscleSound® can be used on any individual regardless of age and activity levels to provide an accurate, non-invasive measurement of muscle wellness. By gauging a muscle's current state, a diet and exercise plan can be formulated to improve the areas of attention for long-term health benefits. There are many elements that affect muscle health aside from illness or injury. Stress, diet, travel, and other aspects of life all play a role in fueling -- or depleting -- our muscle energy and it's up to us to ensure we know what's going on below the surface. 

This innovative, portable technology creates a comprehensive report to show an individual's muscular energy levels, body composition, and muscle mass. No calipers, no BMI calculator, just a handheld ultrasound device and a compatible tablet are all that's needed to unlock the secrets that are hidden in muscle tissues.

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