After much debate and soul-searching, it's finally clear: Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville is the perfect place to get work done.

After years of soul-searching, and much harrowed debate, my quest is over. Since I moved to College Park in 2013, I've been seeking the ideal location for getting work done. There are dozens of factors at play here. The atmosphere must be calm, yet stimulating. There should be an abundance of electrical outlets, and not too much distracting sunlight. Seating should be comfortable, but not too comfortable, lest one begin to snooze. Ideally, there would be food and drinks on hand. It should be close to my house, but far away enough that I can't casually walk home without feeling guilty for abandoning my work. Like a detective, I methodically sought the holy grail of public workspaces. Now, at long last, I've found it. Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville is the perfect place to get work done. I'm writing this article at Vigilante right now. Let me break it down for you... From the moment you walk in, Vigilante offers a great sense of open space. The wall facing the street is one big window, letting in sunlight. On temperate days, they open that wall up like a garage door, filling the shop with a breeze and the soft sounds of the walkway outside. [caption id="attachment_2264" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]work done Vigilante's exterior with outside seating[/caption] The interior is just as fresh and airy. The walls are clean and tastefully decorated. Painted skateboards and an abundance of plants fill in the necessary gaps, leaving plenty of open space. It's cozy and atmospheric without being distracting. The variety of table/chair options allow you to choose your own adventure. There are cozy chairs and office-casual swivel seats. For the studious guests, there are even wooden benches with sharp angles. Electrical outlets abound, and the music is subtly groovy. All this would make Vigilante a great place to focus in comfort, simply as a nice public space. We haven't even touched upon the fact that it's a first-rate coffee shop with a first-rate menu! Let's look at that, now, shall we? [caption id="attachment_2263" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]work done Freshly-poured coffee at Vigilante[/caption] Vigilante Coffee has something for everyone. From straightforward espresso shots to high-octane cold brews, their caffeinated drink options are abundant and quality. They have signature blends, drip coffee, teas, iced drinks -- pretty much every variant of coffee one could ask of a 21st-Century establishment. The portions are perfectly sized to stimulate without sending a drinker into caffeine paralysis. The shop also offers a delightful array of food. Their acai bowls are the perfect study food. It's delicious, healthy stuff, packed with fruits and seeds. The Vigilante website has a great backstory about how their founder ate acai bowls while hiking and surfing in Hawaii. They also have a choice menu of fresh pastries and breads. Like the interior of the building itself, their fare is lean and mean. [caption id="attachment_2262" align="aligncenter" width="746"]work done Vigilante offers delicious acai bowls[/caption] Perhaps the most important thing about Vigilante is its staff. The workers here are incredibly pleasant and kind. They don't hover, but they visit often enough to show you they're paying attention. They're always ready with suggestions, and they'll make your coffee any way you like it. Smiles abound, from patrons to wait staff. It's truly a pleasant spot. All these and more are the reasons I've reached my conclusion: that Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville is the perfect place to get work done. If I couldn't prove it any more, I'm writing this article there right now. I just knocked back my cold brew and I'm feeling great. Perhaps I'll see you here soon. What's your favorite place to do work? Let us know in the comments -- and be prepared to see one of us there, trying it out!

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