Ever thought about making your home eco-friendly via solar power? Dominion Energy’s Virginia customers will soon be able to -- without investing in solar panels.

Dominion Energy, the state’s largest energy supplier, will soon be offering its Virginia customers the opportunity to switch to solar power without having to purchase and install solar panels on their rooftops. The opportunity for residential and business customers to go solar without panels will be possible as Dominion sources energy from solar-based community facilities, which feed into the energy company’s grid. New programs are set to be introduced to Virginia customers soon. solar power While investing in solar panels is a feasible idea for homeowners, Dominion’s offer will also make it possible for those living in rental properties and apartments to become more eco-friendly in meeting their own energy needs. The programs will also be available to business customers who rent their spaces and are not in the position to invest in panels -- which sometimes is not even possible on smaller building structures. Dominion has, during the last few years, invested roughly $1 billion in solar energy generation in North Carolina and Virginia, and it currently has 27 solar facilities in Virginia compared to having only four just two years ago. The company plans to invest another $15 billion over the next five years to improve its power grid, reliability, and customer service, and to make renewable energy more available. The company has plans to generate another 5,200 megawatts of solar energy by 2042, which would be enough to source power to 1.3 million homes, as well as own and operate its own offshore wind power sources.
The solar energy programs currently in the works will be introduced to the Virginia State Corporation Commission during the early part of next year and should be available to business and residential customer soon after. The programs’ initiatives include enabling partial renewable energy generation for business customers and full renewable energy options for all residential and small business customers.  Dominion’s main program will be the Community Solar Pilot Program, which put into place solar facilities in communities in Dominion’s Virginia service areas from which solar power will be sourced to customers taking part in the program. The legal framework for the Community Solar Pilot Program was signed into law earlier this year. Once Dominion’s application has been approved, it can start enrolling eligible customers. For more info about Dominion's renewable energy programs and solar initiatives, visit the company's website.

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