Police were forced to respond after a runaway, rogue pig ended up blocking traffic in Glen Allen.

Virginia doesn't even surprise me anymore. We have snakes biting people in Longhorn Steakhouses, and now we've got rogue pigs running through the streets. Earlier this week, a rogue pig got loose and began running through the streets of Glen Allen, Virginia. No, not a wild boar. This looked like a run of the mill domesticated pig. The pig seemed friendly enough, but prompted a pretty large police response. In the video, I counted two police cruisers and one unmarked police vehicle with their lights on responding to the piglet problem. Craig Forman recorded the encounter during his commute to work and uploaded the video to Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/craig.forman.98/videos/1797086763652336/ For swine on the run, that animal sure had some quick legs. The video begins with the pig darting one way across the road. As the officers give chase, the pig doubles back on the chasing police officers.
Police had a good sense of humor about it. The Henrico Police Facebook account posted that the irony of police officers chasing a pig through the streets "is not lost on us." Many were critical of the police on Facebook for not catching the animal, which really wasn't running all that fast. "Obviously none of them were raised on a farm," one commenter quipped. It's unclear whether the police actually caught the rogue pig, though local animal control said in a statement they were apprised of the situation. Part of me hopes that the pig got away. It's the ultimate underdog story. One escaped pig versus the entire Henrico Police Department. The fact that the little guy was able to double back across the road on these officers is enough of an accomplishment. Though, if I were the police chief, I'd have my guys running laps around the station until they were fast enough to catch a chubby pig ... What's the weirdest thing you've seen on Virginia's roads? Let us know in the comments below!

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