On Monday, someone poured red dye into the Dupont Circle fountain water. Their motives are unknown but they likely terrified some morning commuters.

Commuters walking through Dupont Circle experienced quite the surprise when they walked by the fountain and saw the water was bright red. While the blood-red color looks straight out of a horror movie or episode of CSI, it seems to be the work of a prankster.

Courtesy of @PopeDupontCircle

Brain Hall, a spokesman for the National Park Service, told WTOP that the color likely became red after someone added a powdered dye to the fountain. On Monday, National Park Service was already draining the water after they received several calls and planned to clean and refill the fountain on Tuesday.

D.C. Water examined nearby water reserves and determined there were no other issues. The red watered fountain comes just days after there were boil advisories across Washington, D.C. In addition, U.S. Park Police was also notified about the incident.

The Pope of Dupont Circle shared photos of the incident on Twitter, and people had reactions. There were GIFs of horror movie twins and political jokes while others wondered if iron deposits had caused the fountain water to change color.

For now, the prankster is unknown. Next time, they should stick to jokes that don't look straight out of a crime scene.

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