Entitled? We'll show you entitled!

As expected, feathers were ruffled in the previous article. Who knew that a Boomer telling a Millennial to not use emojis and slang in a work email would be so contentious! Millennials have to remember that Boomers were raised by the Greatest Generation, a generation that was indeed great but not exactly warm and cuddly. 

We here at OCN asked around and found some interesting pearls of wisdom from those born into this much-maligned generation.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the following individuals.*

  • "You made us believe we could be anything we wanted to be, which, if you really think about it is bad advice. Not everyone can grow up to be an astronaut. Don't be scared to give us a healthy dose of reality every now and then." - Lily, 31, Editor
  • "It was once said, 'Success is not achieved by early risers or hard workers but by lazy people trying to find the easy way to do the same job'. I think we're going to be just fine. Don't believe me? Google it!" - John, 27, Copywriter
  • "Don't get us mixed up with the generation below us. Although we grew up in the era of technology, we still can hold a conversation and shake your hand. Try having a conversation with someone born after 2001- it's painful." - Eliza, 25, Quality Assurance 

  • "Embrace our differences. Don't discredit us just because we view the world through different lenses." - Theo, 29, Campaign Staffer 
  • "We are not a stagnant generation, we are constantly moving towards growth. Please share with us what you have experienced, we know we can be entitled but like all young people, we do eventually learn." - Krissy, 30, Paralegal
  • "We [Millennial females] have way more choices and respect in the workplace than our moms ever did. I'm grateful for having options and I can't imagine how difficult it was for a lot of women back then. A lot of us work hard to not be a disappointment." - Julie, 32, Marketing
  • "With the market crash in 2008, it made those of us who graduated at that time reevaluate so much about what we wanted and what the 'American Dream' is supposed to be all about. We grew up thinking we'd have the same things you had at adulthood, but be patient with us, we have a lot of catching up to do!" - Mia, 32, Accounting
  • "I swear we're not trying to make you mad with all of our new apps and technologies that make life easier and tasks completed more quickly. Don't be scared to embrace digital innovations that get projects done much faster." - Kat, 30, IT
  • "There are some sayings and generalizations that are now considered politically incorrect and should never be uttered in a business setting. 'Think before you speak' applies to everyone, especially when it comes to outdated beliefs of gender, race, and sexual orientation." - Adam, 29, Human Resources

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