Washington, D.C. Metro Police are still actively searching for an armed robbery suspect who stole a one-month-old pit bull puppy at gunpoint.

The baby pit bull, named Heaven, was being walked by her owner on the 2500 Block of Pomeroy Road SE. All of a sudden, a sliver sedan pulled up and a man jumped out car, demanding the puppy. "Come up off the dog," he shouted, brandishing his handgun in the process. Obviously, the owner complied and dropped the leash on the ground. Immediately, the armed thief snatched up the puppy and drove off. The silver sedan was last seen racing away towards Sheridan Road SE. Purebred pit bulls can be quite expensive animals. Based on the animal's pedigree, it is not uncommon for pit bull puppies to fetch $1,200 to $2,000 when purebred litters are put up for sale. This is especially true when buyers are looking for show dogs. The breed is also commonly used for illegal dog fighting, giving pit bulls a less-than-friendly public image. Many localities, housing complexes, and homeowners associations even go out of their way to ban the breed. So as far as an economic motive, it is clear why criminals would target a baby pit bull puppy. However,to steal someone's 1-month-old puppy at gunpoint definitely sets a new criminal low, even for Washington, D.C. Honestly, what kind of monster points a gun at someone and steals their small puppy? How broken does someone need to be to threaten to kill someone if they don't hand over the newest member of their family?
Based on reporting, it doesn't appear that the animal had been micro-tagged and the puppy's owner said that Heaven was last seen with just a white string around her neck, without any mention of a dog tag. Heaven the pit bull has a grey/silver coat with a white mark running from the snout to up in between the eyes. Because Heaven is so young, it is likely that the pit bull puppy either just began or was about to begin the weaning process. https://twitter.com/DCPoliceDept/status/918111871684825088 At this point, there is no information available about the suspect. However, police are still hopeful that a witness will come forward and help investigators crack this case. There are a lot of crimes that happen in Washington, D.C., that seem unavoidable and just part and parcel of living in a big city. However, we should all draw the line at stealing baby puppies at gunpoint. If you know of someone who just spontaneously just got a baby pit bull puppy this past Tuesday (that matches Heaven's description) and drives or often is seen in a silver sedan, or if you have any bit of information that you think could possibly help track down this small puppy, please give the D.C. Metropolitan Police a call at 202-727-9099. Really, any little bit of information helps, and you would be surprised at how even the tiniest detail can help police get back on the suspect's trail.

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