A young bear was rescued by Maryland wildlife officials after suffering three days with a bucket stuck to his head.

A young bear, nicknamed "Buckethead," had a rough few days after a bucket got stuck on his head and he was separated from his mother in McHenry, Maryland. The bear wandered for three days, likely without access to food and water and with limited vision. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources was tracking the bear but needed to work out a plan to safely tranquilize and assist him.

Courtesy of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The whole ordeal ended in an exciting rescue when wildlife officials tranquilized the bear and removed the bucket in front of an audience. The rescue happened right next to the annual Autumn Glory Festival, as onlookers watched in anticipation.

"The crowd was very happy to see the cub safely handled and reunited with the sow and another cub," Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said in a statement. "Our response staff did an outstanding job dealing with this very public situation, and handled it in a most professional and responsible manner."

Courtesy of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Thankfully, "Buckethead" had a happy ending, but many other animals fall victim to our trash either by having it stuck on their bodies or swallowing it. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans generated 254 million tons of trash in 2013 alone. Only 34.3 percent of this trash was recycled. 

In August, residents in North Carolina reported a black bear struggling with a plastic container on his head. The bear was able to drink water in a small opening, but it was not believed that the bear could eat, as he was emaciated in size. In the latest update in mid-September, wildlife officials were still searching for the bear.

People are urged to properly dispose of and protect their trash from bears, especially right before hibernation season.

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