Two Virginia colleges have increased tuition costs, effective next year.

The cost of a quality education continues to rise. Both the College of William and Mary and James Madison University recently approved tuition hikes that will be effective at the start of the next school year. The College of William and Mary unanimously voted to raise the annual cost of tuition by 6.5 percent while James Madison University also unanimously voted to raise tuition costs next year by a total of $1,000. The College of William and Mary’s hike will apply to in-state incoming freshmen, who will now pay an annual tuition cost of $17,434 during each year of their studies, up from the current tuition cost of $16,370 paid by in-state students. Those already enrolled at William and Mary will not be affected by the increase, and the tuition hike will not apply to graduate students or out-of-state undergraduate students. The school also voted to extend its William and Mary Promise, which freezes the cost of tuition paid during students’ freshman year through 2022. William and Mary’s Board of Visitors will vote in April to set the costs of room and board and fees, as well as tuition rates for out-of-state and graduate students.
Tuition hikes at James Madison University will affect all incoming freshmen next year, and costs will increase for incoming freshmen at the university by another $1,000 in 2019. James Madison cites the decline in state educational funding, costs associated with new facilities, and a decline in out-of-state enrollment as the reason for the tuition hikes. As is the case for William and Mary students, those already enrolled at James Madison will not affected by the increases. James Madison is, however, guaranteeing that tuition costs will not increase by more than three percent yearly for in-state students who will be re-enrolling once the tuition hikes are effective.

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