Audi Denver does it again.

At Audi Denver, closed and insulated garage stalls house highly-specialized technicians as they perform surgery on some of the greatest road-going machines out there. But last September, Audi Denver customers and volunteers got a chance to turn a few nuts -- not on Audis, but on 130 Huffy Rockit bicycles.

For some time now, Audi Denver has been partnering with Wish for Wheels -- a nonprofit dedicated to providing underserved children with bicycles, to encourage healthy living, mechanical curiosity, and communal growth. After all, we all remember what it felt like to get our first bike, right?

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Thus, every new car sold at Audi Denver contributes to the cause, and Audi Denver customers are encouraged to attend bike-building events throughout the year. This month's fleet will be donated to Centennial Elementary in Littleton where every child will receive a brand new bicycle and helmet.

When asked about Wish for Wheels, founder Brad Appel told Audi Denver that more than 26,000 bikes have been donated to over 100 schools in Colorado and 15 other states. The biggest challenge, however, is getting the word out:

The biggest challenge is to let our program be known in the community," said Appel. "The biggest success is securing amazing companies in the Denver area who give each year to the same school, and they make their adopted school their priority each year." 

Luckily, Audi Denver seems committed, as this is one of several bike-building events they've hosted. And we've taken notice:

 "This is one of the best partnerships we have and shows a real commitment to the community that Audi Denver is part of. Audi Denver’s ability to build/give bikes through the sales of their cars and engaging their customers with their social responsibility is far and above what others do. We are humbled and excited to continue this program and showcase Audi Denver as an amazing partner."

 So if you can't resist the allure of the autobahn-bred brand, here's just one more reason to kick tires at Audi Denver.

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