Eight peacocks broke loose from the Denver Zoo grounds on Saturday night, so the hunt is on.

Over the weekend, eight peacocks from the Denver Zoo flew the coop and have been roaming the streets of Denver ever since. Unfortunately, one was hit and killed by a car near 23rd St. and Colorado Blvd. But luckily, five of the birds have been accounted for and were brought back to the zoo. That leaves two still missing. Zoo officials are actively in pursuit of the two remaining birds but, according to Denver Zoo spokesperson Jake Kubie, they're not sure how much longer they'll continue the search. The zoo is heavily relying on the community to call in and see if they can help locate the missing peacocks. We're stating the obvious here but, just in case, if you do come across one of the peacocks, please try not to catch them. Zoo staff will handle it. If you've seen the missing peacocks, please call the zoo at (720)-337-1400. *Updated on June 4 at 2:24 p.m.* One of the two remaining peacocks has been found, but the other still remains loose on Denver streets. Will update the story as more becomes known.

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