Every month, renters in Denver shell out an average of $1,400 on apartment rent. It's positively abysmal!

So we got to thinking: What else could you put that rent money towards instead? What equals the cost of the pleasure of living in Denver for one whole month?

350 Big Macs

[caption id="attachment_30474" align="aligncenter" width="960"]rent Courtesy of McDonald's[/caption] $1,400 would get you 350 Big Macs at $3.99 apiece. You could buy lunch for everyone in your apartment complex!

383 Starbucks Lattes

rent The next time you need a bunch of grande Caffe Lattes from Starbucks (and I mean a bunch!), simply skip your monthly rent. At $3.65 each, you could purchase 383 Starbucks beverages. That's a lot of 'Bucks for your buck.

595 Gallons of Gas

[caption id="attachment_30480" align="aligncenter" width="610"]rent Courtesy of Cactus Hugs[/caption] Gas is running an average of $2.35 per gallon right now. For the same amount of money as your rent, you could purchase 595 gallons of gas, or fill up the average 20-gallon tank almost 30 times. It's enough to make you wonder if it would be worth it to live in your car ...

1,450 Cans of Beer

[caption id="attachment_30482" align="aligncenter" width="600"]rent Courtesy of PikFly[/caption] With a six-pack of Bud Light costing you an average of $5.79, you could put your monthly rent money toward 241 six-packs, or 1,450 12-ounce cans of beer. That's 17,409 ounces of beer. With 43,200 minutes in a 30-day month, the math works out to one ounce of beer per approximately two-and-half minutes of housing time. #math

2,341 lbs. of Dog Food

rent At Walmart, you'd buy a 20-lb. bag of Purina Dog Chow for $11.96. That means you could purchase 117 bags of dog food -- or 2,341 lbs. of dog food (more than a ton!) -- for the same cost as this month's rent.

2,413 Rolls of Toilet Paper

rent Your average 12-pack of Quilted Northern toilet paper runs about $6.99, or 58 cents per roll. You could buy 2,413 rolls of toilet paper with one month's rent money. Oy.

108 Movie Tickets

rent A standard movie ticket at the UA Colorado Stadium 9 currently costs $12.89. So if you decide to forego your rent payment, you could buy 108 movie tickets instead! That's a lot of movies. Pitch Perfect 3, Jumanji ... Are there even 108 movies you'd want to see?

8 Tickets to See Hamilton at the DCPA

[caption id="attachment_30487" align="aligncenter" width="640"]rent Courtesy of Broadway Direct[/caption] Let's just say you're lucky enough to score tickets to see the Broadway musical Hamilton when it comes to the Denver Center for Performing Arts this spring. At $165 each, you'd be able to get eight tickets for the same amount as your rent payment. If you're wanting to upgrade to the $545 premium seats, you'd only be able to afford two.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We at OCN do not condone skipping your monthly rent payment at any time! Doing so would jeopardize your good standing with your apartment complex and potentially land you on the street. And while we love Denver streets, they're simply no place to live.  That said, what else could you buy with the same amount of money as your $1,400 rent? What is living in Denver worth to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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