I Only Want to Have My Hair Professionally Blow-Dried From Now On

As a veteran of the War Against Natural Curls, for years I've carried on the thrice-weekly ritual of blow-drying my hair straight with a round brush, followed by a meticulous run-through with my blistering-hot flatiron to ensure I've stamped out any traces of my God-given waves.

I know what some of you are thinking, "But, Laura, why don't you just wear your hair natural?" First of all, y'all, southern women are very particular about how they prefer their hair to look, and secondly, it's my hair and my choice and I choose to leave the house with a coif that makes me feel my personal best. Besides, due to Colorado's lack of humidity, my head ends up looking more like a rat's nest when I go curly rather than Taylor Swift's circa 2006 mermaid waves.

When offered the chance to visit Cherry Hills Village's new Blo Blow Dry Bar, you can bet I said yes -- especially since my favorite part of a salon visit is the post-cut-and-color blowout. I and three other naturally unruly-haired ladies, Emily, Erin, and Kaitlyn, ventured to the salon and were greeted by the franchise owner and local entrepreneur, Patrice Gendelman.

Patrice spent 12 years as a professional hairdresser after going to school for her cosmetology license and took additional training at the prestigious Sassoon Academy in London. Patrice saw a need for a Blo Blow Dry Bar location in Cherry Hills to serve the south Denver area, particularly aimed at suburban stay-at-home moms (they serve wine!) and working professionals who want to get glammed up for a night out without having to drive very far. Active within the community, Patrice is very passionate about any case or organization that relates to mental illness and autism with kids, adults with disabilities, and the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Patrice also champions the causes her staff members are passionate about in the form of providing auction items at certain charity events. 

Everything about Blo provides a feast for the senses. The hot pink walls, the exquisite scents of high-quality hair products, skilled hands massaging my scalp as they washed my mane, a choice of sweet treats to nibble and libations to sip on, and the comforting sound of hair dryers working their hair-smoothing magic. The overall vibe in the salon is one where the staff is treated like family and I could tell that the stylists enjoyed working there, which in turn provides a great experience for the customer.

My wonderful hair stylist, Becca, helped me choose a hairstyle from their Hair Menu and then went to work blow-drying and styling with surgical precision. After lovingly tending to each strand, she styled my hair into satiny, fluid curls reminiscent of a classic Hollywood starlet.

To complete this glam session, we were also offered a chance to have our makeup done at their Glo Skin Beauty Bar. Much like choosing a hairstyle, they had a Makeup Menu for faces and the amazing Chief Makeup Artist, Mark Vaughn, delicately added foundation to my face, winged my eyeliner, and coated my lips in dark red lipstick. I felt beautiful, powerful, and dazzling. All I was missing was a long black gown and a mink stole.

Emily enjoyed the fun and friendly atmosphere and skilled stylists. Normally, Emily wears her hair up in a chic bun to work each day, but having someone thoroughly tend to her dark tresses gave her the impetus to wear her hair long around her shoulders, wowing her coworkers who are not accustomed to seeing Emily with her hair down.

Erin echoed the sentiments of the delightful atmosphere and appreciated the cleanliness of the establishment. Since she works in branding, she also admired how the Blo Blow Dry Bar brand was reflected throughout the salon, from the hot pink accessories to the labeled wine glasses. Erin usually lets her hair go au naturale, but took the opportunity to have her hair cared for by one of the skilled stylists. Erin had her makeup done by co-makeup artist and stylist, Jessica Friednash, and loved how they matched her skin tone and eye color with intense attention to detail.

The thickest head of hair belonged to Kaitlyn, which actually caused her to have two stylists work on her head. Her lush, long hair was tamed into a smooth, silky sweep with playful curls to round up her ends. Kaitlyn appreciated how nice the staff was from start to finish and remarked that this is the most unique salon she'd ever been in and liked how you could choose your hairstyle. As a graphic designer, Kaitlyn also enjoyed how Blo's branding was displayed and kept consistent.

What's nice about blow dry bars is that you don't have to wait behind someone who is getting a haircut or highlights; it's all about washing, blow-drying, and styling. Blo Blow Dry Bar's motto is: "You're not cheating on your hairdresser" so there's no shame in coming in on your lunch break and getting your hair styled for a date or important event where fabulous hair is needed. 

Would I do this again? Absolutely. Particularly if I were going to a formal event later in the evening or just wanted to test drive a new hairstyle that I can't accomplish on my own. Even two days after having a professional blow-dry my hair still retained the style, giving this process even more value. Going away on a long weekend or an out-of-town business trip where fabulous hair is needed makes Blo a worthy pit stop prior to departure. While my next formal event isn't until November, I know who I'm contacting to get my hair done!

Blo Cherry Hills
Welcomes both appointments and walk-ins

- Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
*Open as early as 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., by online appointments only

Happy Canyon Shopping Center
5080 East Hampden Ave. Unit 2
Denver, CO 80222

[email protected]

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