Williams & Graham, a bar tucked behind a bookstore front, has been named by Thrillist as one of the best secret bars in the entire world. But you didn't hear it from us ...

During the Prohibition era in the 1920s and '30s, alcohol was prohibited and thus, the speakeasies were born --speakeasies were secret bars where illegal alcohol was sold. Today, while the ban on booze is non-existent, there's something about the secrecy and mystery of it all that still attracts some folks.
For me, half the fun is in the elaborate entrances! Reminds me of when Harry is introduced to the wizarding world for the first time. It's pure magic. (Pun intended.)
In honor of that magic and prohibition's storied past, Thrillist has put together a list of secret bars, and a Denver establishment has been included among the world's best. Williams & Graham in LoHi may look like your average bookstore, but don't let your eyes deceive you. If you look closely enough at one particular shelf -- there are four bookcases total, so choose wisely -- you'll come across some interesting reads, most of them on drinking or written by boozy authors. Find the classic cocktail book Savoy, then, with a simple tug, the shelf will move -- Hogwarts-style -- and open up to a library completely stocked with cocktails and spirits, along with plenty of delicious food to munch on. View Williams & Graham's full drink and food menus. [gallery type="rectangular" size="large" ids="36143,36144"] The secret bar also hosts private parties, you know, if you're interested in taking the whole speakeasy thing to the next level. I'm talking 1920s-themed, Gatsby-esque parties complete with flapper dresses and fancy suits. (I'm invited, right? Right?) For more information, email [email protected]. Have you been to Williams & Graham before? If so, what boozy concoction of theirs is your favorite? Also, are there other secret bars similar to Williams & Graham in Colorado that we should know about? Share them with us HERE.

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