That's right. Dazzle Jazz is giving away a FREE wedding to one lucky couple.

In honor of the new Dazzle Jazz venue, they'll be giving away a wedding. Yep, you heard me. A wedding ... for free. Now, you're probably asking, "What comes with this free wedding?" Dazzle will be providing both a wedding ceremony and a reception for one lucky couple and (up to) 75 of their closest friends and family members. Plus, whoever wins won't have to worry about those painstaking details and duties that come with planning a wedding. It's all been done for you. Let's dive into the details! When: May 17 | 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Where: Dazzle Jazz | 1512 Curtis St., Denver, CO 80202

Dazzle Will Provide ...

Invitations: Co-designed invitations to send to 75 friends and family members Photography: Provided by David Rossa Design Videography: Provided by Matt Worldy Flowers: Arranged by Diz's Daisys Catering: Provided by Dazzle Cake: Created by Gateaux Bakery Hair Styling: Provided by Angella Permann for three members of the party Accessories: Provided by Blue Bridal Boutique

How to Enter

In order to enter for the giveaway, all you've got to do is submit your name, your partner's name, and your contact information, along with "your song" and your love story. Pretty simple, right? Entries for your love story and song can either be written out in essay form or through a video. Get creative with it! Submit your entry HERE. All entries must be submitted on or before the deadline -- February 6 at midnight. Once Dazzle has narrowed it down to three finalists, they'll will conduct interviews with each couple to determine the winner. After the winners have been announced, the couple will only have 48 hours to respond -- otherwise they'll end up forfeiting the prize to another couple.

The Catch

Nothing in life is free. There's always a cost. And this giveaway is no different. While the winning couple won't have to pay for the wedding itself, they will still be responsible for taxes (8.1 percent) and gratuity (20 percent). Dazzle's website says, "Just like any other establishment on any other day, you should be prepared to cover these costs as they will be billed to you and are not optional. As much as we'd all love a completely free wedding, there are some things that should be adhered to as a matter of principle and function." What do you say? Are you going to enter the giveaway? Or do you know someone who would be interested? Let us know in the comments below. And good luck to all of the couples out there!

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